Client Case Study & Success Story

W.E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC

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“Quality never costs as much as the money you save.”

Business Situation

W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC is primarily dedicated to serving owners as Owner Project Managers for Capital Construction Projects. They work with Owners to obtain the services of Design and Construction Teams for their projects and provide performance specifications to competitively procure services of designers and contractors followed by the management and oversight of each team to assure effective Communications, Design, Construction Documents, Quality Control, Budget Control and Schedule oversight. Their business model: “Quality Never Costs As Much As the Money It Saves”

Client Needs

“An in-house system proved to be very costly and time consuming. We wanted to utilize the latest software and the benefits of the SharePoint 2010 environment, including more control of enrollment and improving the visual components to the user interface.”

As a small firm, the time and expenses spent setting up and managing an in-house server, software licenses, high speed internet access, IT Person/Administrator, and the Building Infrastructure (Data Lines, Redundancy, Backup, Cooling, Generator, UPS and etc.) were overwhelming. In order to protect the company’s infrastructure investment, a hosted SharePoint solution was needed.'s Solution’s private SharePoint Cloud. Managed SharePoint hosting that fits any enterprise and puts’s experienced SharePoint experts on your IT staff – building, deploying and maintaining your SharePoint infrastructure with dedicated 24/7/365 SharePoint support so your environment is always performing, always reliable.

Client Concerns

W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC, started out using a shared hosted (WSS) environment and recently upgraded to a dedicated server environment (SP2010). All existing data needed to be successfully and accurately migrated from one platform to the other.'s Solution

Using the best practices that have been used in migrating countless SharePoint farms over the last decade, transferred all existing data to the new SP2010 environment “with a very high level of accuracy and quality.”

Services Provided

W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC, was safely placed in the SharePoint Cloud and given full control of their own private, dedicated server. They also benefited from’s unmatched expertise as the premier hosting provider performed a User Account Migration as well as the migration of databases between a shared environment and dedicated environment (WSS to SP2010).

The Result

It wasn’t long before W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC, had a secure, highly available infrastructure in place to communicate with their team members on any project from any worksite.

A reliable, high performance Hosted SharePoint infrastructure proved the ideal communication tool necessary for their firm’s continuity of project data and information as well as customizable, real-time notification of all activities taking place on a project. All customizable lists can be viewed online with a 100% uptime guarantee and exported to familiar Microsoft Office tools like Excel and Access to provide reports for the lists. W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC, also took advantage of having an additional location for the storage of project documents as a backup.

With the strain taken off their I.T. person, W. E. Marchetti Consulting, LLC, was able to format their sites to fit Android and iPad tablets so they could easily review and populate databases from the road or from the comfort of any location thanks to’s secure global network.

“Our clients and project teams understand the benefits of using a hosted SharePoint environment; they find it to be a valuable tool in effective communication and sharing of project information.”

Praise for SharePoint Hosting:

“In a single word ‘EXCELLENT!’
The team excelled at the migration, totally understanding the importance of the data and kept us informed in every step of the process including directly contacting us when they had a concern that might impact usability and or integrity of data.”
“Another single word would be ‘OUTSTANDING!’
The way the sales team, migration team and technical support team operates could not be better as you have the ability to report a problem anytime, online or over the phone. There is constant communication between the client and support, and the team is always, and I repeat ALWAYS accommodating, professional, and understanding of your issue. almost always has a solution to any issue within minutes of it being reported, and they take the extra time to coach you if you don’t understand the issue fully, always ensuring full satisfaction.”

The Final Word

“Keep up the great work! certainly meets our business model of providing services with the understanding that ‘Quality Never Costs As Much As the Money It Saves.’ Thank you!”