Dedicated Windows 2008 Server Hosting Case Study

NettingSolutions, Inc.

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Customized solution to combat project complexity

Business Situation

At the core of their business, Nettingsolutions develops web applications for Fortune 500 companies. In the beginning, they created and hosted their application solutions within the customer environment or through leased servers. These environments, however, proved to be extremely limiting. Often times, they were forced to adapt to an externally controlled infrastructure that conflicted with their applications. In addition, the applications were running on several servers, in multiple locations, creating a disconnect in their technology. This was neither cost nor time effective.

Nettingsolutions had their own development environment, but to test real world conditions, they needed a live server environment, where they could perform the appropriate load tests. Additionally, this type of environment would allow the customer to demo usability of the application in advance. “To do so, we required a fully scalable solution with low IT costs that would allow us to run our applications in a controlled environment of our own,” said Mauricio Giraldo Mutis, Regional Technology Manager for Nettingsolutions.


With the help of, Nettingsolutions now operates their customer applications on dedicated servers running Windows Server 2008. In order to avoid any application conflicts, Nettingsolutions requested specific server models that they knew would comply with their own technology. was able to provide these customized solutions, thus adding to the ease of their hosting experience.


“There is comfort in housing our entire IT infrastructure within a single, secure datacenter,” said Giraldo Mutis. “Through’s 24-hour high-tech service and support, we felt we could take our business to the next level, with both customers and solutions. With monitoring our data and providing phenomenal IT support, we feel confident that the physical infrastructure is fully covered. This leaves us free to make the best of the solutions we have created and, additionally, explore future possibilities.”

With their new, fully scalable environment, Nettingsolutions can develop applications that are compatible in an array of environments. “Now we can grow at the speed of our customers. Each time a customer presents a new idea requiring a unique enterprise solution, we already know we are secured by the best IT hosting company in the business. We consider to be our most important strategic partner,” said Giraldo Mutis.