SharePoint Hosting Case Study & Success Story

Soho Dragon

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“Working with my previous hosting provider was like experiencing 7 realms of hell.”

Business Situation

SharePoint. Soho Dragon specializes in SharePoint training, adoption and implementation strategy. This organization installs SharePoint as well as focuses on issues like usability, adoption, content management, business process improvement, and security. They also use SharePoint sites to host their project management workbench, a Project Server light tool for consultants to use.

Client Needs

On-premise server security and uptime availability was failing to provide the enterprise performance they needed. “We’ve played the game of hosting customer facing sites on a server in the corner rack of the server room. It never works and it quickly loses us business.”

Soho Dragon needed a highly available network that they could depend on so that even their developers in Taiwan could access the environment easily. “We just don't have the bandwidth to deal with project related SharePoint activity, including external user access, Active Directory and all the other requests just to use SharePoint.”'s Solution’s SharePoint Cloud has a technologically advanced network that provides many built-in business continuity capabilities. With our 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee, Soho Dragon knows that their business can rely on’s dedicated servers to keep their website up and running. “As a Microsoft partner focused only on SharePoint, we really needed to rely on our website to work in SharePoint at the fastest speeds possible.”’s enterprise-ISP network uses robust Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to send information through internet traffic using the fewest number of available network hops. This ensures that your website is reaching people in the fastest way possible.

The Result replaced Soho Dragon’s on-premise infrastructure with the SharePoint Cloud. The dedicated server offered them a level of resilience that they couldn’t find elsewhere. In addition, took the role of trusted SharePoint advisor and offered advice on how to integrate other technologies to SharePoint.

Praise for SharePoint Hosting:

“It seemed very natural for to work with our mail hosting company that hosts non Microsoft technologies. They were a very easy company to do business with. When setting up a SharePoint site, it can be seen as a science project. This was not.” is an American company that holds their central headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. All of our support is done here, which can be a relief for customers who don’t want their requests being outsourced internationally to non-experts. “What's great is that the staff speaks American English and is knowledgeable about SharePoint. There’s a feeling that they can really help you rather than just create a support ticket and pass you to level 2 support.”