• We're like Ozzie Smith - just excelling at one thing
    and less like Bo Jackson - who did many things.
  • Our focus is completely on SharePoint.
  • Batter up.
  • And we're ready to go to work for you.
  • The SharePoint Experts live here.
  • Let's face it.
  • Please stop trying to make us count.
  • And we can't even count the number of SharePoint builds we've done.
  • So we've been hosting technologies for a while.
  • Even before that we were a web hosting firm.
  • We grabbed the torch the second that Microsoft introduced SharePoint and have been running with it ever since.
  • And also the amount of years SharePoint has been around.
  • That's the amount of years we've been hosting SharePoint.
  • 14.
  • I can tell you one number that matters:
  • Nevertheless, I'm sure if we did count it up, it'd be a big number.
  • Old and wise, young and eager - all that
    matters is that our experts are the best.
  • That number never seems to make much of a difference though, does it?
  • So we never finished.
  • Then everyone started getting confused as to whether school counted…
    or internships…
  • Anyway, we started adding up all of our years' experience.
  • Which is just dangerous.
  • Unless you have a wizard that works at your office.
  • Like 100 or something… But not 1000.
  • It's usually a pretty big number.
  • A lot of places like to add up all their years' experience to prove expertise.
  • Our Private SharePoint Cloud was nominated as one of the
    best SharePoint products at Dev Connections.
  • Hey, did we mention we were a finalist for
    Microsoft's Hosting Partner of the Year.
  • It could have been like a ten-way tie. But you get the idea…
  • We're not sure if we were first for SharePoint 2013…
  • Then we did it again. First to host SharePoint 2010.
  • We were the very first to host Microsoft's new
    SharePoint platform in 1999.
  • Our Data Centers are SAE 16 SOC 1 Type II Compliant.
    Which is a pretty impressive auditing standard.
  • Speaking of Data Centers, we take that stuff seriously.
  • (They seem to have a knack for acronyms…)
  • They're certified experts in SQL, SCCM, SCOM, AD, SAN, LAN, WAN, VPN
    and pretty much any other technology they can get their hands on.
  • We have an Infrastructure Team that is focused on all things data center…
  • Not to mention certified MCSE Private Cloud Administrators.
  • They're also certified SQL Database Administrators.
  • Our Support team is filled with MCITP certified SharePoint experts.
  • These recognitions are a result of hiring the
    best SharePoint brains in the business.
  • We have Gold Partner recognition in two categories:
    Portals & Collaboration and also Hosting.
  • It's a very prestigious recognition held by only the
    top 1% of all Microsoft partners globally.
  • We're a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
  • Actually we're more like Bo Jackson's talents all rolled into one.
    But focused on SharePoint.