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Managed Cloud Backup

Managed Cloud Backup

Backup your data locally or to the cloud—we'll manage it.

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Managed cloud backup for servers and businesses

Backup to the cloud or locally for all your data, managed by the experts, unburdens your team to work on what matters most.
Protect your organization from data loss with truly comprehensive backup for all of your data and backup your data to, AWS, Azure, or on-premises.

Maintain your Metadata, Security Settings, and Version Histories with a SharePoint Backup from


Maintain your Metadata with a SharePoint Backup from


Maintain your Security Settings with a SharePoint Backup from

Security Settings

Maintain your Version Histories with a SharePoint Backup from

Version Histories

Retain your Metadata, Security Settings, and Version Histories for longer with a SharePoint Backup from


Retain your sensitive data for longer to protect against ransomware threats

Restore a single content item or entire server farm with a SharePoint Backup from


Restore a single content item with a SharePoint Backup from

Single Content Item

Restore an entire server farm with a SharePoint Backup from

Entire Server Farm

Cloud Backup for Servers from

Cloud Backup for Servers

Quickly and easily backup all your servers to the Cloud. Backup physical and virtual servers to prevent the most common causes of data loss. Choose local and cloud backup targets with the retention policy that best meets your business needs.

Cloud Backup for Business from

Cloud Backup for Business

Cloud backup for business must have application and operating system backup, file versioning, security that exceeds compliance standards, and 24-hour support. Encrypt your data during transfer and at rest. Know what region or country your data is being archived to meet regulatory requirements.

Business Continuity Plan from

Business Continuity Plan

Minimize business disruptions caused by service interruptions or accidental deletions with efficient recovery of all data and satisfy even the most aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by minimizing downtime and restore times.

Office 365 Backup Solution from

Office 365 Backup Solution

Protect against Office365 data loss with off-cloud backup, archiving, and business continuity. Office 365 lacks the essential ability to recover documents once they’ve been removed from the trash. Furthermore, the retention period is only 14 days and you must restore the entire site. protects all your data with automated daily backups. Backup to the secure data center of your choice: Fpweb global data centers, Azure, AWS or your own. Set longer retention periods for a bigger safety net to recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks. Restore data right away – and get everyone right back to work.

Microsoft Cloud Backup from

Microsoft Cloud Backup

Your data and applications are everywhere—on servers, clients, and in the cloud. Managed backup services can protect your critical applications; files and folders; Windows servers and clients; and Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) virtual machines (VMs).

Ensure Maximum Content Availability with

Ensure Maximum Content Availability

Perform comprehensive backups of your content across your Office 365 services. Essentials takes your content and normalizes the data, so that whether you’re storing your backups locally or in another cloud service such as, Amazon or Azure, you always have quick and easy access to your content. The content is stored in the same format as it was in the source environment so that searching and restoring on a granular level is painless and maximizes content availability.

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