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Managed Hybrid Cloud Services

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Once size rarely fits all. So let’s find the cloud-based solution that fits your business needs. We mix and match on-premises deployments with the cloud or even combine different cloud environments to create the perfect, custom hybrid infrastructure to move your business forward.

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What is a Hybrid Cloud Solution?

The Hybrid Cloud has become a core strategy for many organizations looking to adopt the performance and agility of the cloud while guarding their private intranets and client information in-house. This comfortable alternative to an all-in approach employs an outsourced IT infrastructure with specialized support alongside on-premises resources, but can also mix different clouds together (typically shared and dedicated resources).


Within 5 years, 70% of IT departments are outsourcing parts of their infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, control costs and focus on their core business according to CenturyLink's Global IT Leadership Report in 2014. How are they doing it? With a Hybrid Cloud model.

Reasons to add a Hybrid Cloud to your business

Sensitive Data

No problem. Keep that sensitive data in your data center and host your extranet with a Private Cloud service that separates your users from utilizing the same network that’s serving up your private data.

Combining Services

It’s easy to combine cloud services! Love Office 365 but limited on customizations and development capabilities? Use the apps from O365, but host your SharePoint in a Private Cloud.

Gain Enterprise Resources

Along with improving your scalability, hybrid cloud solutions can maximize cost-efficiencies by limiting capital expenditures and inheriting the cloud’s enterprise-grade resources.

Disaster Recovery

Don’t keep all of your data in one place! Host your SharePoint production environment in a Private Cloud but failover to another non-SharePoint specific cloud service or on-premises for backups.

Test & Development

Adding a private cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to your on-premises deployment is a popular solution for businesses that need a safe, secure place for testing and development purposes.

Sitecore Management

Place your Content Management and development machines on-premises and host your Content Delivery farm with to help influence your performance, speed and availability.

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