Hosted SharePoint Benefits for Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry has emerged as one of the greatest benefactors of cloud computing. Instant collaboration between global extranets helps provide healthcare products and services to patients all over the world the second it is needed. While it may not always shorten the time spent in the waiting room, medical professionals have instant access to patient’s Electronic Health Records (EHRs) via cloud services.

This shift in the industry’s document management and extranet accessibility is due in large part to countless urgent care facilities and hospitals utilizing Microsoft® SharePoint. The collaboration platform has revolutionized Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) by streamlining workflows and automating processes. These benefits start with aiding the medical community but ultimately find their value in assisting the patients.

Downtime in this industry can mean the difference between  life and death. As you focus on your core competencies within the medical arena, provides a highly available, 100% uptime guaranteed, secure environment for your data. The SharePoint Cloud can meet high traffic demands and is easily scalable to your business’s changing needs.’s dedicated Hosted SharePoint offers significant cost savings through support, licensing, integration, hardware, upkeep and continued maintenance.’s SharePoint Cloud is an essential part of cloud computing for the medical community.