SharePoint Capabilities: Content Management

Content Management is a collaborative process, and SharePoint is in the collaboration business.

SharePoint takes the best parts of social and search to create a natural, simplified and familiar (if you've used Microsoft® Office) content management model. SharePoint's enterprise content management (ECM) can be used to organize, store and access content, provide effective search through metadata and safeguard content.

Manage your enterprise content in a central location, accessed through a web browser or client application like MS Office, and securely manage documents, files, websites, online advertising, publishing and multimedia on one platform. SharePoint shaves costs off traditional ECM, but the true value comes from hosting these apps in's SharePoint Cloud. Enjoy easier integration, appropriate compliance measures, expert support and increased productivity with's hosted SharePoint ECM solutions. Your private SharePoint Cloud ensures your public websites the highest availability with an unrelenting performance that is customized to your enterprise needs. SharePoint's business is collaboration, and our business is SharePoint.