SharePoint Capabilities: Document Management

Control the life cycle of your business documents with SharePoint Document Management.

Thanks to electronic paperwork, business documents change hands frequently and, without a proper organization process, duplicates and old versions can lead to problems. Document management makes sharing, revising, transferring and discarding documents easy while eliminating data redundancy and making it easier to search for specific documents.

Efficiency meets collaboration as employees immediately benefit from a central repository to store and manage documents. Storage and retrieval is done from the company database so document assets can be accessed from anywhere in the world. SharePoint harnesses the familiar Microsoft® Office applications that your employees are familiar with (like Excel, Outlook, Word, etc) so training isn't necessary and productivity can pick up from the start.

Hosted SharePoint in's SharePoint Cloud lets your environment reach its full potential with no limits on the platform's functionality. Our high availability and reliability makes access from anywhere in the world possible, so you can exchange and collaborate on documents and files quickly and easily with performance comparable to your local network connection.