SharePoint Capabilities: Hosted Applications Platform

What is a hosted application platform:

IaaS "Infrastructure as a Service"- When an organization outsources or hosts their operations, usually involving storage, hardware, servers and networks. The hosting service provides the equipment as well as maintains, runs and houses it. Also known as Cloud Computing.

SaaS "Software as a Service" - When an organization is provided access to software and its functions remotely via an outsourcing or hosting provider. Typically this is done to save costs on licensing, hardware, installation, upkeep and maintenance.

What It Does:

The introduction of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) brought an instant change to the overhead costs involving time and money that was slowing down enterprise I.T. departments. Now hosting providers like can employ a dedicated service to help companies quickly leverage IT for their business needs while increasing ROI and lowering TCO.

Cost and Management Advantages of Hosted Software

Thanks to readily available services, hosted software can immediately begin to shoulder the weight of your company's demanding I.T. department. Microsoft® SharePoint benefits from IaaS and SaaS through dedicated, private cloud hosting models, specifically's SharePoint Cloud. Your enterprise's investment in infrastructure finds true value in managed hosting. Think of it as a subscription to the service that provides fixed costs through monthly billing and implements both the hardware and support needed with no upfront investment.

It's Time for Your SharePoint Cloud

As cloud computing continues to grow, more and more companies are protecting their investment and their data behind the private cloud. IaaS and SaaS implementation allow your enterprise to do more with less - every company's strategy in this economy. Now a reliable, cost-effective solution is available with's SharePoint Cloud.

IaaS and SaaS Benefits at a Glance

Control your environment: All is not lost when hosting your enterprise data on managed servers.'s SharePoint Cloud gives you the full server control that other providers cannot so you remain the administrator of your data. Take control of your backups, apps and more or scale your environment up and down as needed with unmetered service access.

Don't sweat the upkeep: While you keep control of the data, your I.T. department is free to focus on the projects at hand while the implementation, maintenance, upgrades and upkeep of your SharePoint Cloud are handled by the experienced Microsoft® certified experts that remain on the job 24/7/365. handles SharePoint, so you can handle your business.

Meet your new IT team: The new extension to your I.T. department brings an unrivaled SharePoint competence. With 15 years in the business and countless SharePoint farms built and managed in the last decade, it's a dedicated service you can depend on to not only be there when you need it, but every other time as well.

Reduce your TCO:'s SharePoint Cloud requires no upfront investment, unmetered service, and pay-as-you-go billing so your total cost of ownership can benefit by shifting from capital expenses to operational expenses - saving you a significant cost percentage and allowing your enterprise to focus the savings on other demanding company needs.

Our Premium Service:'s SharePoint Cloud provides a highly available environment that is custom designed to perform fast for individual enterprise needs.'s managed hosting is housed behind world class data centers that feature cutting-edge security and compliance-ready certifications.'s Customer Care Team remains your trusted SharePoint advisor for any further SharePoint needs you encounter. It's a dedicated, private cloud custom built to fit your enterprise.

Contact today to lower your company's overhead and reap the benefits of a managed SharePoint solution in your own private cloud.

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