SharePoint Capabilities: Project Management

Project management has a new ally.

Microsoft® SharePoint provides out-of-the-box PM solutions that drive complex projects to completion using the collaborative organization and management methods your enterprise needs to succeed.

Now you can track projects from conception to completion with project schedules, project history and various control changes. Project risks are mitigated through version control, access permissions and centralized documents. Microsoft's familiar PM tools (like Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) are easily integrated so you can build a Project Management Information System (PMIS) and begin customizing your project like a PMP.

Hosted SharePoint makes managing projects even easier by leaving the IT to the experts. Your focus stays with the project, not SharePoint. With's SharePoint Cloud, SharePoint project management capabilities are custom fit to your business. Organize your projects easily from a SharePoint website. Scheduling, assigning, tracking and storing documents all in one spot for your convenience. Enjoy cost and productivity savings with flexible PM solutions that increase collaboration and communication within your enterprise.

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