SharePoint Capabilities: SharePoint for Private External Networks

SharePoint isn't just building an extranet, it's building a relationship.

Microsoft® SharePoint presents a single platform for your extranet solution so accessing and sharing company information with authorized external users is a simple, secure process.

Document and content management as well as inherent security and search features make collaboration through extranets possible. Design an extranet solution for your enterprise to exchange information between employees, clients, suppliers or business partners with the security and selective access to prevent them from viewing private data.

It's important to keep the line of communication open, but just as important to be selective with your enterprise's information and access. Hosting your extranet in's SharePoint Cloud gives your secure environment the opportunity to deploy quickly and reach farther with the high availability of our wide-area network (WAN).

Thanks to's expert support and SharePoint's familiar Microsoft® Office toolset, your enterprise immediately benefits from our hosted extranet offerings. Engage customers, clients, partners and employees while reducing overhead costs, enhancing team productivity, increasing sales and strengthening business relationships.

More Key Enterprise Applications of SharePoint

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