SharePoint Capabilities: SharePoint for Private Internal Networks

Bring your organization together with SharePoint for Intranets.

Microsoft® SharePoint is your enterprise's one-stop-shop for internal communication - a central hub on your local network for HR's policies, company calendars, documents, mission statements, etc. The SharePoint platform pushes collaboration within the team by enhancing productivity and workplace efficiency. The information employees need is available and sensitive corporate information remains secure, simplifying processes to share data without exposing private data.

Many company struggle with developing the ideal intranet for their enterprise. Several challenges arise, such as user adoption, workflow implementation and getting the most from your search, when building an intranet from scratch. Hosted SharePoint from guarantees your corporate intranet will be the great collaboration and communication tool your business needs.'s SharePoint Cloud implements a private, secure intranet that is cost effective and immediately connects your company. Save your company the time and resources of implementing and managing an intranet solution and let do what they do best.

More Key Enterprise Applications of SharePoint

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