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Big Data Security

Big Data Secure Cloud Computing and Storage

Let your data scientists get back to analytics

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Big Data Security

Your data can make you a target

Petabytes of critical big data make an increasingly attractive target for cyber attackers.

Secure your data with and let your data scientists get back to analytics.

Secure your Hadoop data with Secure your Oracle data with Secure your Spark data with Secure your MongoDB data with Secure your SQL data with
Big Data Makes You a Target Cyber Hacker Attack 1 Cyber Hacker Attack 2 Cyber Hacker Attack 3 Cyber Hacker Attack 4 Cyber Hacker Attack 5 Cyber Hacker Attack 6 Cyber Hacker Attack 7 Cyber Hacker Attack 8
Big Data

The power of Big Data delivers:

Big Data Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Big Data Faster


Big Data Decision Making

Better Decision Making

Big Data New Products and Services

Creation of New Products and Services

However, Security and privacy issues are magnified by the three V’s of big data:







These factors include variables such as:

Big Data large-scale cloud infrastructures

Large-scale cloud infrastructures

Big Data Data Diversity

Diversity of data sources and formats

Big Data Data Acquisition

Streaming nature of data acquisition

Big Data Inter-Cloud Migrations

Increasingly high volume of inter-cloud migrations

Consequently, traditional security mechanisms, which are tailored to securing small-scale static (as opposed to streaming) data, often fall short.

The Top 10 Big Data security challenges are:


Secure computations in distributed programming frameworks


Security best practices for non-relational data stores


Secure data storage and transactions logs


End-point input validation/filtering


Real-Time Security Monitoring


Scalable and composable privacy-preserving data mining and analytics


Cryptographically enforced data centric security


Granular access control


Granular audits


Data Origin

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

  • Secure computations in distributed programming frameworks
  • Security best practices for non-relational data stores
Data Privacy

Data Privacy

  • Privacy preserving data mining and analytics
  • Cryptographically enforced data centric security
  • Granular access control
Data Management

Data Management

  • Secure data storage and transaction logs
  • Granular audits
  • Data provenance
Integrity and Reactive Security

Integrity and Reactive Security

  • End-point validation and filtering
  • Real time security monitoring

Securely operate petabytes of Big Data workloads with’s light-speed velocity, real-time security monitoring, and military-grade encryption.

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