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Cyber Shield

Cyber Shield

Fortify your existing IT environment with our best-in-class cybersecurity combined with our expert counterintelligence agents.

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Hacker access to your network is only a click away

Cloud-based malware is lurking everywhere. It is only a matter of time before one of your users clicks and the hacker payload is delivered onto your network. Are you doing everything you can to protect your company from financial, data, and brand loss? Secure your network today with CYBER SHIELD - an effective multi-layer shield that protects your network from evolving web threats hidden in your Internet traffic.

Focus on your business. We will protect it 24/7.

Enterprise-grade security tools and counterintelligence experts join to deliver CYBER SHIELD, affordable and effective cyber protection for your entire network, managed 24/7/365. Get protected in minutes with a simple DNS configuration change. Let your IT innovate with projects that move your bottom line. You are in a cyber war and need the vigilant and relentless defense of CYBER SHIELD.

Trustworthy Defense

CYBER SHIELD delivers industry leading next-generation security tools managed by counterintelligence experts. We are vendor agnostic and choose only the best layers of defense for you: DDoS, NexGen firewalls, advanced malware protection, IPS/IDS, DLP, anomaly alerting, and log analysis. CYBER SHIELD monitors both inbound and outbound Internet traffic, automatically blocking threats and alerting you immediately. Choose an aggressive security posture and take back control of your network today with CYBER SHIELD.

Cyber Shield Pricing Plans

Iron Shield


Steel Shield


Titanium Shield


NexGen firewall cybersecurity
Advanced malware protection
Machine learning threat intelligence
Data loss prevention (DLP)
DDos protection
APT intelligent automation
24/7 counter intelligence IRT
Endpoint integration Option
Site-to-site secure connection VPN VPN VPN, MPLS

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection

Protect business continuity and availability from the growing constellation of dog attacks and other advanced cyber threats.

  • DDoS protection from active botnets, volumetric, state-exhaustion and application-layer DDoS attacks
  • SSL Decryption Stop DDoS attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, DDoS protection from active DDoS campaigns based on IP reputation
  • Stop in-bound DDoS attacks and out-bound malicious activity from compromised internal hosts
  • Advanced web crawler service, GeoIP tracking, stop both IPv4 and IPv6 attacks
  • Domain and IP reputation block threats by connecting with cloud-based DDoS services automatically alerting upstream service providers when larger attacks threaten availability
  • Intelligence Feed Protection is continuously armed with the latest, global, threat intelligence from the Security & Engineering Response Team (SERT)

Next Generation Firewalls

Safely enable applications and protect your network from advanced cyber threats.

  • Single-class traffic classification mechanism natively inspects all traffic - across applications, threats, and content - and ties the traffic to the user in order to align your network security posture with key business initiatives
  • Protect your network and security policies based on application identity - irrespective of port, protocol, SSL encryption, or evasive tactics
  • Insects the application stream to prevent viruses, vulnerability exploits, botnets and spyware, and advanced persistent threats from reaching your network
  • Map applications to the user identity for more granular visibility, policy control, forensics, and reporting

Advanced Malware Protection

Implement proven network security for known and unknown threats.

  • Analyze more than 80,000 events each second across multiple virtualized environments to detect known, unknown, and multi-vector attacks commonly missed by firewalls, AV software, IPS, and traditional sandboxes
  • Enable wire speed protection scaling up to 4 gigabytes per second (Gbps)
  • Minimize duplicate and false-positive alerts generated by traditional IPS and riskware products, reducing operational overhead
  • Access’s global intelligence sharing network to prioritize alerts and direct loss-mitigating responses
  • Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act certified

Intrusion Prevention & Detection System (IPS/IDS)

Next generation intrusion prevention and detection delivers better network protection from today's cyber threats.

  • Quickly identify devices operating outside of normal standard operating procedures, including detection of which software packages are being used to generate the traffic
  • Highlight applications run on your network and protected users running them, controlling which applications are allowed and which are not - by whom and to what level
  • Gather identity information for the devices and applications attached to your network as well as the traffic transmitted, aligning with databases including Microsoft Active Director and LDAP
  • Establish and monitor the baseline behavior for your network's devices to quickly flag and mitigate anything that violates pre-established policy such as bandwidth consumption and performance degradation
  • Respond to events as they occur based on pre-established cybersecurity policies to mitigate data loss quickly
  • Tune Cyber Shield based on information gathered in order to optimize counterintelligence

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Identify risky network behavior and dangerous protocols quickly to mitigate data loss at the network layer, minimizing disruption to your business.

  • Stop unauthorized network traffic based on content, application, or protocol controls to prevent data loss in real time – even on high-speed networks
  • Inspect all traffic – including attachments and compressed files – across all 65,535 ports without sampling
  • Identify critical types of sensitive information - including PII, credit card data, source code, ePHI, classified data - to help protect your digital assets
  • Quarantine unencrypted emails or redirect them to an encryption solution before they leave your network
  • Manage use of high-risk Web applications by monitoring email, Webmail, instant messaging, file transfers, telnet, peer-to-peer networks, and more

Security Incident Event Management (SIEM)

Fully integrated SIEM and LOG management gives your team complete security visibility into your entire environment from a single pane of glass.

  •’s SIEM has all the security capabilities you need plus a centralized alarm dashboard that utilizes the Kill Chain Priority to focus attention on the most important threats.
  • It breaks attacks out into five threat categories that help understand attack intent and threat severity, based on how they're interacting with your secure environment.
  • Search - See events stored in the database, filter for more granular data, and sort by event name, IP address and more.
  • Inspect - Use integrated packet capture functionality to capture interesting traffic for offline analysis.
  • Vulnerabilities - Identify whether an attack is relevant by correlating reported vulnerabilities with malicious traffic.
  • Logs -Search for any raw logs that are related to activity reported by an alarm. Raw logs are digitally signed for evidentiary purposes. You can also filter by time range and search pattern and export raw logs as a text file.

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