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Virtual Desktop

Secure VDI offers Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that significantly mitigates security risks by being 100% contained “inside” your protected network.


  • Unlimited access on a per user basis
  • Includes Microsoft Office 2013 Professional
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  • Quick turnaround
  • Leverage existing user accounts
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The Problem

Users in corporate environments are becoming increasingly independent, making it difficult for IT to manage:

  • Device security
  • Application settings
  • Endpoint network access

Does your organization want to…?

  • Focus on the business, not IT
  • Get Enterprise-grade at SMB prices
  • Simplify IT complexity
  • Mobilize the business
  • Increase productivity

The Solution

Secure VDI significantly mitigates security risks by being 100% contained “inside” your protected network

  • VDI works on any device and all traffic is encrypted
  • No data is cached to local machine and you can force session time outs
  • Simple and effective service for regulated or sensitive data with full audit capacity
  • Information that is stored during active sessions is 100% deleted upon logging out of the user session, which is enforced by local security policies applied at the server and Active Directory level
  • User’s logon/logoff times and session duration are still captured by their Active Directory user object, allowing for full audit capability for all user access, dates, and times

Secure VDI features

  • Allow for a dedicated desktop profile on a Terminal Server
  • Secure local access to the hosted applications
  • IT has more control over what apps users can install and access
  • Firewalls can be configured
  • Allow users to login securely from any remote location with multi-factor authentication and have local access to applications on the customer server farm(s)
  • Unauthorized software installed by users on their desktops only connect to VDI environments which will not allow malware or media drives to infect the physical endpoint
  • A company-approved Secure VDI client can be installed and used on employee-owned mobile devices
  • Each of the Virtual Desktops Instances are 100% virtual, including the user profile file/directory structure

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