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Offsite Recovery and High Availability Datacenters

Offsite backups and recovery options replicate critical data and supplement your business continuity plan so your business is never crippled by an unexpected incident.'s Business Continuity Edge is truly standing out as the premier partner while offering a true Hot – Hot scenario thus covering the offsite backups along with the always-on mentality. We offer every breed of Geo-availability to fit exactly what you need. No other provider has technology aligned to its customer in this way. Just another way our forward-thinking teams turn solutions into reality for you. Data Center Locations

Kansas City Data Center

Home of Google Fiber and slow smoked BBQ, Kansas City is also home to an offsite recovery piece of's SharePoint hosting arsenal. This facility features enterprise-grade security and on-site redundant systems with backup power generators, redundant HVAC systems and high-availability bandwidth.

London UK Data Center

Home of the Queen, fish and chips and the largest four-faced chiming clock tower in the world, London is also home to’s European datacenter. Our presence in the United Kingdom brings several benefits to our international customers who are looking for High Availability solutions.

What's behind the walls?

Your data is redundantly stored within a facility built to withstand an F3 tornado and winds of 150 miles an hour. Datacenters also feature:

  • High availability, redundant network infrastructure
  • Award-winning ‘green’ eco-friendly cooling systems
  • Enterprise-scale security framework with state-of-the-art physical & cyber safeguards
  • 24/7/365 staffed and remote support
  • High capacity power capability, N+1
  • Multiple high capacity on-site diesel generators
certified seal

Data Center Certifications's high standards don't just stop at uptime and connectivity speed; we endeavor to provide the best technology and infrastructure certifications and compliances your business requires. Detailed information on compliance standards for hosting is available.

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Data & Environment Backups

Protecting your data can save the farm and works with your business to find a solution that fits your specific needs and prepares you for any incident. With offsite backups available, your business doesn't have to miss a step.

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