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What is an Extranet?:

An extranet is a computer network that requires authentication to access. It is typically used by businesses to provide access to company information for partners, vendors, customers, etc. by using a virtual private network (VPN) to send and receive data across public networks.

A SharePoint Extranet is a SharePoint farm or SharePoint sites where employees, partners, and customers can securely access shared data for collaboration and distribution.

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Three Reasons to Host Your SharePoint Extranet with

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Protect your data with the enterprise security your servers deserve. Bundle redundancy with an internationally recognized auditing standard when you host in our state-of-the-art data centers and rest easy knowing your business is safeguarded by’s secure network.

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Hosting your SharePoint extranet with simplifies the licensing process by letting you use your current licensing, grab what you need from Microsoft or have us organize your licensing for you. Mitigate licensing costs as well by hosting everything on the same farm.

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Experience enterprise speed and performance with’s SharePoint extranet hosting. Connect from anywhere in the world when your extranet resides in the private cloud. Speed up your deployment by letting us spin up your infrastructure in days rather than weeks.

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Three Use Cases for Hosted SharePoint Extranets for Your Business

Hybrid Model:

A very common scenario involves employees hosting their intranet in house while hosting their SharePoint extranet in the Cloud. This keeps private documents on premises while allowing for easier connectivity for partner and vendor access to the extranet.

Extranet Hosting - Hybrid model

Extranet Hosting - Fully Hosted model

Fully Hosted Model:

For the most advanced security and accessibility features, companies host their intranet and their SharePoint extranet in a private cloud. A one-way AD trust keeps your intranet and network resources hidden while allowing secure VPN access to your hosted extranet.

No Intranet Model:

It’s possible to host your SharePoint extranet in the Cloud without an intranet. Employees with no intranet typically use Active Directory in the Cloud and require a different set of credentials for security reasons.

Extranet Hosting - Extranet only model