Glossary of Terms

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A. Listings

Active Server Pages
Abbreviated as ASP, a specification for a dynamically created Web page with a .ASP extension that utilizes ActiveX scripting - usually VB Script or Jscript code. When a browser requests an ASP, the Web server generates a page with HTML code and sends it back to the browser. ASP.NET is the latest version that FrontPage fully supports.
Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync is a protocol that allows applications to talk directly to the Exchange Server. Powered by FrontPage's Mobile Messaging Service, your ActiveSync enabled-device can synchronize with your email, calendar, and contacts. It's easy to read all your email, including HTML messages and attachments.
Aggregated Exchange mailbox space
Aggregated disk space expands your storage capacity by giving you the freedom to set your own storage space limits for mailboxes based on the total storage space available from all users. This means that each mailbox can have its own disk quota uniquely set to better adjust to your company's storage needs. Combined disk space allows administrators to control allocations and set limits for each mailbox user.
Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Shield
FrontPage mail servers have anti-spam and anti-virus protection to significantly reduce the amount of spam and viruses you might receive through any email that you might receive.  Anti-spam and anti-virus partners include Declude, Trend Micro and Symantec.
ASP Components
An ASP component saves ASP programmers invaluable time because the component has properties, methods, and events which the programmer can code against. This decreases the amount of coding that needs to be written. ASP components are made by a variety of companies and need to be installed on a web server for them to be accessible by ASP programmers. FrontPage support numerous ASP components. See what is included in the 20 ASP Basic Pack and the 40 ASP Pro Pack.
ASP Mail
AspMail is used on more ASP installations than any other commercial or free product. Used on 1000's of Websites around the world, this component allows you to send SMTP mail directly from a Web page. ASP Mail is fast and has very low CPU utilization.
Automated Order Confirmations
The order confirmations are sent out automatically to your customers after placement of their order. When customers receive these emails they feel informed that you did receive their order and may be less likely to contact you, which in turn saves you a great deal of time.

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To copy files to a second medium (disk or tape) as a precaution in case the first medium fails. Incremental - only the files that have been modified since the time of previous backup are copied. Full - all files are backed up regardless of whether they have been modified since the last backup.
Bulk Stock Updates
The shopping cart allows you to bulk change any table. This is primarily used to bulk change products. If a match during the update is found for a product record then the import facility will automatically update this product. If no match is found the product is added.
Business Mail
You can create business mail accounts for your website, such as, to maintain a professional image. You can send, and receive, textual messages, including attachments, to your customer's email account. Every hosting plan includes numerous email accounts that can be created. Anti-spam and anti-virus protection is included. You can also use your favorite email program (such as Outlook or Eudora) to access your mail.

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C. Listings

CDONTS stands for Collaboration Data Objects for Microsoft® Windows NT Server. CDONTS is a COM component that exposes the following object interfaces: 1) the NewMail object and 2) the Session object. The NewMail object is the object that is most frequently used. CDONTS is primarily used by ASP web developers as a thin client for mailing Web forms.
Coupon Manager
The Coupon Manager feature allows you to reward customers with discounts. The discounts can either be limited to specific products or categories or unrestricted. Coupons can have a limit so that they cannot be used more than the number of times specified. Coupons can have a start and end date. You can discount to the total price, to specific products or to a specific category of products. Coupons also have the following attributes: 1) a name that you define when you create a coupon; 2) a start date; 3) an ending date; and 4) a use count.
Cross-Sell Engine
The automated cross-selling engine can help boost your customers' spending per visit by dynamically suggesting related products to purchase.
Custom Component Objects/DLLs
This allows you to install your own custom component objects and DLL's that are often used by ASP and ASP.NET developers. This is only available on dedicated server hosting.
Customer Based Pricing
Customers can be separated into types such as retail (normal price), wholesale and distributor. Each can "see" a different price for the same product. Wholesale and distributors would login before they browse your online store so they can see their reduced pricing, while your normal retail customers can simply browse your store without logging into the store to see your regular pricing.
Customer Ratings customers are periodically asked to review and rate their web hosting plan on a scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest). The plans are rated by the following criteria and then averaged for a total: 1) overall 2) features 3) value 4) met needs.
Customizable Error Pages
You can create personalized error pages to end visitor confusion and direct people to new pages. A "404 not found" page is displayed when a visitor tries to view a page that doesn't exist or has been moved. Instead of a generic "page not found" message, you can tell visitors where an old page has moved and how to find the new content.
Customizable Site Search
Microsoft® FrontPage web development tool allows you to place a search engine on your site so visitors can easily search for information on your site.

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D. Listings

Data Transfer (bandwidth)
Whenever a visitor comes to your site, data is sent from dedicated servers to your visitor's computer. This data can be composed of web pages, images, movies, sound files, programs, compressed files, or anything else on your site that can be viewed or downloaded by visitors. All this requested data added together equals your total data transfer (also called bandwidth or traffic) per month.
Dedicated MySQL Server
MySQL databases are hosted on optimized and secure dedicated MySQL servers. We DO NOT host MySQL on the same boxes as customer websites!
Dedicated SQL Server 2005/2008
SQL database hosting optimized and secure dedicated SQL 2005/2008 servers. We DO NOT host SQL on the same boxes as customer websites!
Default Delivery (Catch-All / Nobody Account)
Default delivery, most often referred to as a "catch-all" or "nobody" account, will act as a "catch-all" account for any non-specified or misspelled email addresses, as long as the domain name is correct. You will be able to retrieve these messages at the mail account you specify as the catch-all.
Digital Delivery of Products
Digital delivery of downloadable goods allows your customers to immediately receive the product upon completion of purchase. There are three methods. 1) Auto attachments - attach the product to the customer confirmation email. 2) Auto generation of download links - displays the hyperlinks to the products. These hyperlinks allow the customer to immediately download their purchase. 3) Generation of secure download links - improve the digital delivery by adding these extra facilities. Customer never sees the real location of the product and therefore cannot bookmark them. Customer may within limits you set, login and download the product gain if it is lost. Limits can be set on the number of times a product can be downloaded or a date after which no downloads are possible. Limits can be altered using browser based administration. Enables logging of downloads.
Disk Space
Your hosted website consists of text, graphics, sound, video or database files that occupy disk space on a server. If you already have this data on your computer, check the combined size of those files to help you select a hosting package with enough disk space. You can always buy additional disk space or switch plans as your site grows.
Domain Name Registration
Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is A domain name allows someone to access your website through a web browser.
DotNetNuke is an open-source content management system ideal for creating and deploying projects such as commercial websites, corporate intranets and extranets, and online publishing portals. DotNetNuke is built on a Microsoft® ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform, and is easily installed and hosted with most of our hosting plans. DotNetNuke requires a SQL server database to function.

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E. Listings

Email Accounts
Email is short for electronic mail. It allows the sending, and receiving, of textual messages, including attachments, to another email account (also called an email address). Every hosted Microsoft® Exchange plan includes numerous email accounts that can be created. Create multiple email addresses for yourself, friends and associates with your own domain name, such as,, and Anti-spam and anti-virus protection is included. You can also use your favorite email program (such as Outlook or Eudora) to access your mail.
Email Aliases
An email 'alias' is not a real email account. Instead it is an address that forwards all email it receives to another email account. For example, if you establish an email alias called to go to, then all email sent to will be automatically forwarded to In this case, 'info' is called an alias of 'johndoe'. You can also setup an email alias so that email is forwarded to an account outside of your domain name as well. For example, you can setup to go to
Email Forwards
Email forwards enable you to have email messages redirected to a specific email account. For example, you can set up the email account to forward all messages to your account These forwards can be added or deleted at any time.
Email Storage
When you receive email, the messages occupy disk space on a mail server. You can then use an email program (i.e. Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Pegasus) to retrieve your mail from the hosted email server, which essentially stores the email messages on your computer for viewing at anytime. This removes the email messages from the mail server and frees more disk space on the mail server allowing you to receive more emails.
Enterprise Manager
SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the primary administrative tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 and provides a Microsoft® Management Console (MMC)-compliant user interface. offers a free alternative for all users via their control panel.
Export order data to external business systems
You can export orders and database tables at anytime and integrate those with your external business sytems. This service maximizes infrastructure investments you've already made, speeds your business processes, and eliminates duplication of effort.

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F. Listings

A firewall is simply a program or hardware device that filters the information coming through the Internet connection into your private network or server(s). If an incoming packet of information is flagged by the filters, it is not allowed through. A firewall device acts as a barrier to keep destructive forces away from your property. You can use a firewall to protect your private network or server(s) from offensive Websites and potential hackers.
A bandwidth friendly and browser independent vector-graphic animation technology. As long as different browsers are equipped with the necessary plug-ins, Flash animations will look the same and will work within your website hosted at FrontPage. It is recommended that you have a link on your website to the free Macromedia Flash player so website visitors can download and install Flash if they need it.
Microsoft FrontPage is a software program for creating and managing web pages. You can work exclusively in the familiar Office interface without having to program, or take direct control of your HTML code. Microsoft® FrontPage versions 98/2000/2002/2003 are fully supported by and guaranteed to work.
FTP Access
Short for File Transfer Protocol, the protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. FTPaccess means you can use a FTP application to upload files to your website at anytime of the day or night. FrontPage users typically do not require this because FrontPage has a built-in Publish Web feature that essentially replaces the need for FTP. Multi-user FTP means you can request additional FTP accounts for your website.
Full Text Search
The full text Search feature of Microsoft® SQL Server 2005/2008 allows you to perform fast and flexible queries against indexes built on unstructured text data. A common use of full text Search is that of the search engine for websites. Learn More

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G. Listings

Gift Certificates
Customers can buy and send electronic gift certificates from your site and the recipient can redeem the gift certificate value during the checkout process. You can see how many times a gift certificate was used, which orders they were used for and how much in each order.

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I. Listings

iFilters are special little programs that contain the information needed to pull the text content from proprietary files (.pdf, .zip, .chm, .vsd). Once you get the data out, you can work with it in a number of ways. Free Ifilters on our Windows SharePoint Servers (WSS) include: PDF (Adobe), ZIP, CHM (Compressed HTML help file), and VSD (Visio). Contact us if you need one not shown.
Inventory Stock Control
You have complete stock control features. All these features are optional and configurable: 1) Automatic stock decrementing on order completion. 2) You can prevent products from being listed if stock is below a specified limit. 3) Number in stock can be displayed in product display. 4) Low stock report is available in merchant administration. 5) You can display an out of stock message based on a limit you set. 6) You can limit the amount ordered to the current stock level. 7) You can set maximum quantity to be ordered. 8) You can set minimum quantity to be ordered. 9) You can limit quantities to specific multiples.

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L. Listings

List Server - Create Mailing Lists and Discussion Groups
A List Server (also called email mailing lists) is an outsourcing service for email marketing, email newsletters, and email discussion groups. Email mailing lists are easy-to-use and powerful. Use it for opt in email marketing and to create mailing lists and no-maintenance discussion groups. Look professional. No more giant cc: lists. Learn More
Log Files
Log files record data about who visits your site. The logs include information such as the referrer, IP address, and type of browser. All plans allow access to the raw log files that are retrievable within your website in a folder that typically begins with W3SVC. Log files can be difficult to read, so most hosting plans include a traffic stats program that has charts and graphics that makes understanding your log files a simple process.

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M. Listings

This is the amount of RAM your hosted Windows Server will come pre-equipped with.
Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS)
IIS 7.0 is faster, more secure, more stable, and more scalable than any previous version of IIS, but IIS 7.0 is not available on any prior release of Windows. Almost anyone doing any type of web hosting on an older version of IIS will immediately see performance and stability improvements. IIS 7.0 will allow you to potentially host thousands more websites per server, and startup and shutdown times for IIS are dramatically faster. IIS 7.0 can serve static content up to 200% faster than IIS 6.0 and can better isolate your applications to keep the server healthy - even when an application misbehaves.
Microsoft® .NET and ASP.NET
.NET is a unified Web development platform that provides the services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications. While ASP.NET is largely syntax-compatible with ASP, it also provides a new programming model and infrastructure that enables a powerful new class of applications. You can augment your existing ASP applications by incrementally adding ASP.NET 1.x/2.x/3.x functionality to them.
Microsoft® Windows 2003 Server
The Windows Server 2003 family takes the best of Windows 2000 Server technology and makes it easier to deploy, manage, and use. The result: a highly productive infrastructure that helps make your network a strategic asset for your organization. Windows Server 2003 is Microsoft's latest server operating system release. This version was originally going to be called .Net Server, but was renamed Windows Server 2003 shortly before release. This new operating system will eventually replace Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Servers and is now considered Microsoft's flagship server operating system product.
Monthly Hosting Fee hosting plans are offered for a low monthly fee, conveniently charged to your provided credit card during sign-up.
Microsoft® Access
Microsoft® Access is a database software application that ASP / ASP.NET programmers will often use to create a database and integrate it with their website. FrontPage fully supportsMS Access databases for use within websites. FrontPage developers can also use MS Access databases within their website.
MS SQL 2005/2008
Microsoft® SQL 2005/2008 is a complete database and data analysis application. Highly scalable, MS SQL is the perfect choice for handling your e-commerce site or enterprise application. MS SQL is capable of hundreds of thousands of transactions per day. ASP programmers will often use a SQL database for integration with their website. FrontPage supports MS SQL 2005/2008 on many of its plans.
Multi-User Calendars - Schedule Events and Appointments
Calendars are available within the Smartermail webmail application.
Each account comes with a MySQL database, the world's most popular open source database, allowing you the freedom to run more web applications for your site.

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N. Listings

Number of Products
You can have an unlimited number of products in your online store. Each product can have an unlimited number of attributes / features, such as size, color or style. You also have unlimited categories and unlimited subcategories. Products can be listed in multiple categories. A great feature is that you can allow user specified text for any products, such as the customer supplying someone's name to be engraved on a plaque.

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O. Listings

ODBC System DSN (data source name) points to a Microsoft Access database within a website. The data source name is a textual string that is used to reference the data source by application programs, such as Microsoft® Access. This is only used by ASP programmers who want a DSN to connect to their database within their ASP coding.
Offline Sharepoint Reader
Colligo Reader is a free download which enables end-users to easily download some or all of the content in a SharePoint site to their laptops and view it offline, rather than having to copy files one by one through a browser. It is a client-only application, so no server installation or changes are required and it will work with any Windows SharePoint Services V3 or hosted MOSS site. Colligo Reader connects to a SharePoint WSS or MOSS servers using standard web services and site permissions, then downloads the content to a local file store on the Windows file system which preserves document links. Document and list content can only be read offline in Colligo Reader. This makes Colligo Reader best suited for use with intranet portals (e.g. Sales, Finance, etc.) that contain mostly read-only content.
Order Management System
You can easily view all new orders. You can: 1) view a formatted order; 2) edit the order (alter and view individual fields in the database); 3) edit the customer record; and 4) delete the order. You also have access to detailed sales reports as well as customer reports that display a quick summary of your customers and their total purchases.
Outlook Mobile Access
Your employees can also stay in touch with colleagues and customers as they travel from location to location with their web-browser enabled mobile device and Outlook Mobile Access (OMA). With OMA you can establish a real-time connection to your hosted Exchange Server.

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P. Listings

Page Views
You can view the visitors to your website using Live Website Statistics. Available for an additional charge on the Basic plan, and included free with any dedicated windows server hosting package.
Password Protected User Accounts
Password protected user accounts are made available with FrontPage user accounts allowing FrontPage developers to create their own user accounts at anytime.
Payments Online
To accept credit card payments, you must have a merchant account to process credit card transactions online. Alternatively, you can accept payments through your online store with PayPal as PayPal fully integrates with your provided shopping cart.
We support Perl 5, one of the most widely used CGI scripting languages. Using Perl, you can integrate interactive functions into your site, such as forms and counters.
Plesk Control Panel
Industry leading control panel allows you to manage all aspects of your website or server including dns, email, database, and more... All from one convenient location, 24/7.
POP and SMTP Email Access
POP (short for Post Office Protocol) is a popular method to retrieve email messages stored on a mail server. SMTP (short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a popular method for sending email messages between mail servers. FrontPage supports both POP and SMTP.
Priority Email Support hosting customers receive priority email support staffed by qualified technicians ready to help. Contact us for details.
Priority Toll Free Phone Support hosting customers receive priority toll free phone support from our US based expert engineers ready to help. 1 hour callback guarantee with "white glove" service. contact us for details.
Product Merchandising Page Templates
Product merchandising is a very important part of your online store. The default method of displaying products is one product per row. No HTML knowledge is necessary and you can control which fields are displayed, the sort order, number of products per page and fonts, colors, images etc. There is also HTML template formatting. This gives you full control over how the products get displayed.

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R. Listings

Receive Orders via Email
You will be notified of customer orders via email. You can also login to the web based administrative area of your shopping cart to check new orders, and run sales reports, at anytime.
Regular Site Backups does regular site backups for shared hosting plans.
Remote Loading of Your Files on Another Website
Remote loading is linking to or accessing your account files from a location other than your site, such as an auction site. In other words, you can host all of your images on, then reference these images from any website.
Remote SQL Management
Connect to your MS SQL database with your choice of tools including our control panel, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, or Visual Studio.NET, directly through ASP or ASP.NET applications.
Repeat Customer Recognition
The shopping cart has numerous facilities to help your repeat customers. These facilities allow customers to quickly find the products they want and quickly checkout. These include the ability for customers to save and restore previous orders, as well as creating a wish list of products that interest them.
Risk Tools
Depending on your credit card merchant account provider, your provider will have various ways to help prevent fraudulent credit card transactions. Much of this can be done automatically, such as verifying that the provided billing address (from the online order) matches the mailing address for the credit card given for the order.

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S. Listings

Sales Reports
The shopping cart offers summary and detailed sales reports for any dates specified. You can quickly see your total sales, as well as total sales by product and supplier. There are also customer reports that display a quick summary of your customers and their total purchases. The order management system helps you view details on your orders.
Search Engines
Search engines: A server or a collection of servers dedicated to indexing internet web pages, storing the results and returning lists of pages which match particular queries. Some of the major search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL - among others. The term "Search Engine" is also often used to describe both directories and search engines.
Secure SSL Web Email
This allows you to view your email through web mail in a secure mode whereby it encrypts the message as it is retrieved from the mail server to be viewed on your computer.
Setup Fee waives your setup fee (on most hosting plans) so you can begin saving money with the very day you sign-up.
Setup Time
Setup time is the time it takes us from the time we receive your payment until the time your machine is online and ready to use. Expedited setup is available for an additional fee.
Windows SharePoint Services
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) technology gives users the ability to quickly create and contribute to team or project-focused Websites from within their browser or Office XP applications. With SharePoint Hosting, teams can create a quick Website for sharing information such as documents, calendars, announcements, and other postings. And, Websites created with WSS are easy to customize and manage--even for those who have never created a Website before. is the SharePoint Hosting Pioneer, and always stays on the cutting edge of this collabaration technology.
SharePoint Languages
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German , Greek , Hebrew , Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian
SharePoint Template
SharePoint Templates provide the overall look and layout of your site based on industry or function. Free SharePoint templates.
SharePoint Web Parts Gallery
SharePoint Web Parts are modular software components that give you the ability to create dynamic business solutions on the Microsoft® SharePoint platform-without programming. Available web parts can be found in your SharePoint Web Parts Gallery. Free or commercial web parts can be installed on your Dedicated SharePoint Server upon request. Free SharePoint web parts.
Shipping Methods and Rate Calculation Rules
Your online store has built in calculations for many common situations. You can also add your own unique shipping calculation. Here are the many included options: Weight; Weight range; Simple Lookup; Quantity; Quantity range; Price range; Fixed shipping cost; Shipping by product; UPS real-time; USPS real-time; Intershipper; Australia Post real-time; Canada Post real-time; UPS database lookup; FedEx database lookup; Thai Post database lookup; Your own shipping algorithm can be created; Shipping by country using most of the above methods; and Free Shipping over a certain amount of order.
Shopping Cart
A shopping cart allows visitors to your website to browse for products and purchase them online directly from your website. It handles the entire purchase process: asking for your customers' billing and shipping address, their credit card details, and will email you when the order is complete.
Service Level Agreement / SLA
Because availability is paramount to your mission-critical hosting environment, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to protect customers against unscheduled outages. Only a specialist can offer the most uncompromising SLA in the hosting industry, guaranteeing maximum uptime and free Rapid Hardware Replacement. The SLA provides unsurpassed levels of availability with correspondingly aggressive penalties for failure to comply with the SLA. Learn More
SQL Log Files
MS SQL 2005/2008 has log files that track and store each transaction and modification made to the SQL database that the log file is associated.
SQL Reporting Services
SQL Server 2005/2008 Reporting Services is a server-based reporting solution that can be used to author, manage, and deliver both interactive and paper-oriented reports. Learn More
SQLXML enables XML support for SQL Server 2005/2008 database. The technology bridges the gap between XML and relational data. You can create an XML view of existing relational data allowing you to work with it similar to an XML file. Learn More
Server Side Include (SSI) is a group of functions that can be included directly in your HTML so that a server can include variable values in the HTML file before it sends it to the requestor. SSI commands allow you to perform functions not available through HTML. For example, with SSI you can embed into your web page, the current date and time.
SSL Secure Server
SSLis an accepted standard for transferring information securely across the Internet. It encrypts data passed between the server and the browser, so that unauthorized parties cannot interpret sensitive, confidential or personal information, such as credit card information.
Stock Low Reports
The report can summarize or detail list all products below a stock level you provide. This will help you maintain a proper stock of products in your inventory.
Stored Procedure Support
Developers can use stored procedures with their SQL database, which allows modular programming, allows faster execution in retrieving data, can reduce network traffic and can be used as a security mechanism. Learn More
A subdomain is also known as a "third-level" domain and is a great way to create memorable web addresses for various areas of your site. For instance, a business website might have that points to, or a personal website might have that points to
Surveys, Email Forms, Guestbook, Collect Visitor Feedback offers the FrontPage developer pre-made page templates to integrate surveys, email forms, a guestbook and the ability to collect visitor feedback.

T. Listings

Third Party Design Applications
You can build your website using your favorite HTML tools, including Microsoft® FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive. These tools are called third-party tools because they are created by companies other than, must be purchased separately, and are supported by their respective manufacturers. FrontPage versions 98/2000/2002/2003 are fully supported by and guaranteed to work.
Trackable Links (for affiliate programs)
An affiliate program is a formal, trackable relationship between you and another web business, under which you agree to reward that business for successfully referring traffic to your website. It allows you to associate sales you are making with specific affiliates or distributors. The shopping cart tracks and records how the customer came to your site. It provides you with detailed reports on the number of visits, number of sales and commission. It also has automatic registration of the affiliate.
Transaction Fee
Some web hosting companies charge a transaction fee to each transaction processed through your online store. does not charge you any of these transaction fees. Depending on your allowed methods of payments for your online store, you may incur transaction fees through your credit card merchant account provider or electronic payment gateway provider.

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U. Listings

Unique IP Address
The Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numeric address, such as, that the domain name server translates into a domain name. An IP address can be compared to a street address for your domain name. FrontPage provides a unique IP address for your website, meaning it remains the same from the time it is assigned to your website. A unique IP address is extremely important in having better results from any search engine marketing.
UPS and US Postal Service Real-Time Shipping
UPS and US Postal Service (USPS) real-time support provides a direct connection between your online store and UPS or USPS. It will calculate the weight of all products, connects to UPS or USPS, and presents the customer with a list of shipping methods and prices. You can even use both UPS and USPS and the customer can decide which they want to use.
Uptime Guarantee - 100%
For our dedicated server hosting, we guarantee that 99.9% of the time that your website will be accessible via IP address to the world. The IP address is the numerical value equivalent to If your website is not online 100% of the time we will refund the percentage of your monthly hosting fees equal to the downtime. Learn More

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V. Listings

Vacation Responders (Email Autoresponders)
All your email accounts can be set up to automatically respond to incoming messages. This is a good feature to use if you're on vacation, if you don't check your mail frequently, or if you would like to create an automated response to frequently asked questions, such as pricing or hours of operation.

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W. Listings

Web-based MS SQL Enterprise Manager
Our SQL 2005/2008 hosting includes a FREE web-based MS SQL enterprise manager easily accessible from your control panel. Manage your SQL database from anywhere in the world 24/7.
Web-based MySQL Manager
Our MySQL hosting includes a FREE web-based MySQL manager easily accessible from your control panel. Manage your MySQL database from anywhere in the world 24/7.
WebMail for Checking Email from Anywhere
WebMail is a web based email. uses Smartermail (product by Smartertools) and allows users to access their mail on the Smartermail server system from any web browser on the Internet - they do not need to have a an email client, like Outlook or Eudora. Users can also maintain an address book, create and manage mailboxes, and change user settings. The web administration features of Web Messaging allow the administrator to monitor the Smartermail system using a web browser on any remote system. It also allows administrators to perform system maintenance such as add and delete users, aliases and list server mailing lists from any web browser.
Website Builder
SiteBuilder is a next generation, browser-based WYSIWYG application for creating and editing websites. The easy 5-Step wizard interface provides the effortless way for you to create, modify and update your website without any technical HTML know-how.
Easy-to-use web interface includes more than 300 sophisticated templates (with color variants), page structure and sample text.