Mobile Exchange Hosting Features

Mobile Exchange with ActiveSync Technology

Exchange ActiveSync is a communication protocol that enables mobile access to your email, messages, contacts, task lists and more. Exchange ActiveSync is a "Direct Push Technology" which means you get emails sent from your hosted Exchange server to your mobile phone just as you would get email on your laptop or desktop.

  • Full Exchange Server integration

    Wireless access to all email, calendar and contacts, as well popular formats like Word and PDF, for a rich desktop-like experience.

  • Safely backup data and add new features

    ActiveSync offers manual transfer of files to a mobile device, along with backup/restore functionality, and the ability to install and uninstall mobile device applications.

ActiveSync is Built-in

Exchange ActiveSync features compatibility built into Windows Mobile-based devices. You experience the same familiar Microsoft® Office Outlook environment, extended from your desktop or laptop to your mobile device, including the new iPhone® 3G Exchange email. You also enjoy the benefits of the direct integration with Exchange ActiveSync, avoiding expensive middleware or service fees that might be required with other mobile solutions.

  • Schedule your synchronization

    By using Exchange ActiveSync, you can schedule synchronization of your device on two separate schedules--peak or off-peak times.

  • Simplified Wireless Email Access

    Frequent tasks, such as composing email or looking up a contact, are simplified and can be done intuitively with just a couple of clicks.

iPhone Exchange enterprise integration

Already have Exchange Hosting from Check out this simple iPhone Exchange setup… get started in less than 5 minutes!

iPhone connects to Microsoft® Exchange the moment you sign up for your Exchange hosting plan. The best part is how easily it configures for an enterprise-wide deployment. Wirelessly push company email, events, and contacts - all secured over’s reliable SSL encyrpted Exchange network.

FREE Exchange ActiveSync

Included with any of’s Exchange hosting plans is ActiveSync. This allows you to turn on your iPhone and immediately read email, accept meeting invitations, and find contacts in your company directory. Combine Exchange with iPhone today - and experience up-to-the minute calendars, more powerful contacts, and more enterprise applications; iPhone for your enterprise.

Rest easy knowing that with your hosting plan, you receive free business email for iPhone so you can begin using it as an enterprise-class wireless business tool. With ActiveSync, if your phone is lost, sensitive data can remotely be erased from the device.

Motorola Good™ Mobile Messaging & Exchange

Get Good with your hosted Exchange today and update your calendar, tasks, email and notes from your phone - no computer required.
Sign up today

As a professional on-the-go, you need access to your business email, calendar, contacts, and secure data and applications like instant messaging, SharePoint intranets and other enterprise systems. By hosting Good, with a Microsoft® Gold-Certified Exchange provider, you can integrate all of these services into a custom-built, unparalleled fully-managed Good Mobile experience.

Frequent tasks, such as composing emails or looking up a contact are simplified and can be performed intuitively with just a couple of clicks. Good Messaging enables users to multi-task, running several applications simultaneously while toggling back and forth between a number of open emails, files or phone conversations. Experience what it's like to have a laptop or desktop cpu in the palm of your hand.

  • Easy setup and maintenance

    Get Exchange and Good™ Mobile Messaging up and running in minutes.

  • Exchange Email Server integration

    Wireless access to email, calendar and contacts, as well popular formats like .doc and .pdf – for a rich desktop-like experience.

  • Exchange Wireless + FREE Outlook Web Access.

    Using Microsoft Outlook Web Access on your Good-enabled device, you can access your wireless Exchange business email from anywhere in the world.

Syncing your Windows Phone with Exchange

When you're always on the go, you need to rely on the one thing that stays by your side - your phone! Checking your email, calendar, tasks or even your work contacts is all possible through Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for Windows phones, the Microsoft® synchronization protocol used to connect you to your organization.

Think of it as your instant inbox - even voicemails, RSS feeds and instant messaging are delivered in real time with EAS. Direct push technology ensures your mailbox is always up to date. Using your Wi-Fi connection or cellular network, you can leave your desktop computer in the office and leverage the universal capabilities of your Windows Phone through EAS. Take a look at some of the server-based synchronization agent's key features:

Features in Exchange ActiveSync

  • HTML messaging support
  • Follow-up flags support
  • Conversation grouping
  • Synchronize conversations
  • Synchronize SMS messages
    through Exchange mailbox
  • Message reply status support
  • Fast message retrieval support
  • Meeting attendees Info
  • Enhanced Exchange Search
  • Pin Reset
  • Password policies for greater
    device security
  • Enables autodiscovery
  • Set auto-replies
  • Task synchronization support
  • Direct Push for messages
  • Contact information support

Configuring your Windows Phone with Exchange

Set up your Windows Phone to access Exchange ActiveSync by following these steps:

  1. From your Windows Phone's main screen, click Start.
  2. Click Programs.
  3. Click ActiveSync.
  4. Click Set up your device to sync with it.
  5. Enter the email address you wish to synch.
  6. Uncheck the Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Enter your webmail server's URL. For example,
  9. If your webmail requires SSL, then select This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Fill in the required information:
    • Username (For example,
    • Password
    • Domain name
  12. Click Next.
  13. At this point, your Windows Phone will display a list of items available to sync with Exchange ActiveSync. Simply choose what applies to you from this list
  14. Click Finish to begin the first sync.

Exchange Email Sync for Blackberry® Devices

With Blackberry® Mobile Exchange integration, it's simple to connect your Blackberry® mobile device to a hosted Exchange server. Then you can check Exchange enterprise email from anywhere using your Blackberry® smartphone of choice. With's flexible hosted servers for Microsoft® Exchange and SharePoint, there's no need to shop for new phones or change mobile service providers to enable mobile Exchange email sync.

Connect BlackBerry to Hosted Exchange Server

Now, wherever you go, your business email, contacts, calendars, and task lists go with you. Whether you’re sipping coffee in a cafe or waiting for a flight, you’ll appreciate the speed and ease of accessing your Exchange email server remotely. Experience the power of mobile data

Connecting a Blackberry wireless device to your Exchange server gives you a truly wireless email solution. However, in order to sync your Blackberry with an Exchange Server in real-time, you will need a Blackberry Enterprise Server. That’s where can help.

Managed Hosting for Blackberry Enterprise Server

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is the software required to sync Exchange with a Blackberry device. It must be deployed on its own physical server, separate from the Exchange server, to work. The BES stays connected to your Exchange server, "pushing" your email to your Blackberry device and wirelessly syncing all of your data.

Because real-time syncing requires its own expensive server to work, Blackberry Enterprise Servers are typically used by larger organizations with at least 5 or 10 Blackberry users. Since new hardware and software incur the burden of additional expenses and time for installation / maintenance, a hosting solution is often preferred. provides Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) hosting for dedicated Exchange servers. We can deploy and manage your BES alongside your Exchange server, saving you time and money. If you need a complete Exchange and Blackberry solution, or have a dedicated server with that you wish to sync with a Blackberry device, please contact us so we can assist you with the hardware and services you need.

With BlackBerry Mobile Exchange, provides the features of hosted Exchange, wirelessly via BlackBerry Smartphone.

Whether you’re sipping coffee in a cafe or waiting for a flight, you’ll appreciate the speed & ease of accessing your Exchange email server remotely. Now, wherever you go, your business email, contacts, calendars, and task lists go with you. Experience the power of mobile data.

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Whether you visiting a customer or on vacation, James from Shipping needs your decision on an outgoing package, and he needs it now.MS Exchange hosted with BlackBerry is the perfect mobile tool for timely, business-critical decisions made around the clock - and around the globe.

  • Increased Productivity

    Have you ever imagined life without wireless download requests? We did. Now it’s possible. At, you’ll experience automatic push-button access to email, calendar, contacts and more on your BlackBerry. With mobile Exchange added to your BlackBerry device, you’ll reach the pinnacle of business productivity and efficiency.

  • Cost Savings

    While you’re out conquering the world, those pesky "little things" seem to get in the way. By "little things" we mean the tedious tasks that cost you valuable time and money. With BlackBerry Mobile Exchange, forget time lost to syncing your gadgets, checking in with the office or logging into your computer remotely. Now you can do it all on the go. BlackBerry paired with Exchange allows you to spend your time on the more important things in life - like sipping margaritas. Learn more

BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) hosting for dedicated Exchange servers . We can deploy and manage your BES alongside your Exchange server, saving you time and money.

Will my BlackBerry work with MS Exchange? Exchange Hosting for BlackBerry utilizes BlackBerry Enterprise Server and is compatible with all BlackBerry Smartphone devices, including:

BlackBerry Bold BlackBerry Curve BlackBerry Storm
BlackBerry 8800 BlackBerry 8700 BlackBerry 7130
BlackBerry 7200 BlackBerry 7100 BlackBerry 7520