Hosted Microsoft® Exchange Cost Savings

Find out why 62% of companies are outsourcing their IT needs. Don’t waste another dollar or minute. Our Exchange expertise allows you to focus on the things that matter to your company – while we handle your business email.

When you use Exchange Hosting from, we take care of the aforementioned issues at no additional cost. With, your site can be live in days, rather than in the weeks or months it may take to purchase equipment and hire technical personnel. We also have the Microsoft® Gold-Certified Engineers and 100% U.S. based - knowledgeable support staff to get you up and running quickly.

Exchange Hosting Quote

We know your time is valuable.

The time required to manage your own IT staff and application delivery infrastructure can be costly and divert resources from key objectives. When hosting your dedicated servers with, the time and money you save can be a real game-changer!

Many Applications Service Providers (ASPs) and providers of Software as a Service (SaaS) are bringing their needs to the hosting experts at Become one of the thousands of customers worldwide who trust our world class network for their IT shop. can save you 40% to 60% on I.T. Costs when you use hosted Exchange with us.

We set the pace.

In 1999, we became the first in the world to offer hosted SharePoint. Since then, we've continued to be the premier SharePoint hosting providers - earning the trust of industry partners like Microsoft® and clients like Dow Chemical, The U.S. Air Force and the FAA.

We never close.

We never leave, and the lights are never off. We are a true 24/7/365 company. Call us at 2am on New Year’s day - we’ll be here.

We’re affordable.

Look beyond price and consider features, support and experience - we offer more value than our competitors. There is a cost to “cheap hosting” - don't let it burn you.

We hire the best.

The talent on our team runs deep. This means a better hosting experience for you. From the largest Microsoft Gold-Certified staff of Engineers in the U.S. to our amazing customer-care team, we're all here to guarantee you get exactly what you need.

Experience The Difference.

We believe in creativity and innovation in all that we do. Business is more than the bottom line - in the end, it's all about taking care of people. Become part of our family - the family.

Benefits of Exchange Hosting with

In-house Solution

Unexpected Expenses:

Numerous out-of-pocket expenses and unpredictable ongoing costs for management and upgrades will undoubtedly pop up.

Time-consuming deployment

And complex installation process.

Staff/Training Budget

Hiring and training a new staff of dedicated engineers is extremely costly.

High Maintenance

Additional features such as web parts, templates and single sign-on are difficult to deploy when you lack technical expertise and budget resources.

Workers’ productivity suffers

Dramatically if older version of SharePoint is still running in-house.


In-house staff may not have the necessary experience to support SharePoint. If they do have the experience, what happens if they leave?


You own the hardware and software so you’ll be directly affected by age/version depreciation. Hosting Solution

Predictable Costs

Save thousands on deployment. Ongoing costs are predefined and easy to budget. See cost savings chart (in-house vs. hosting at ).

Rapid Deployment

With dedicated SharePoint servers in stock, your solution will be setup in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy in-house.

No IT Staff Needed

Lower cost for solution management and operation when you utilize as your IT staff. We free up your resources, so you can focus on your core business.

World Class Service

Need customization or add-ons? No problem. Our highly knowledgeable, certified staff will deploy, manage and maintain the solution for you.

Always the latest technology

We take care of hardware/software upgrades so you’re always operating in the most efficient SharePoint environment.

First to host SharePoint

Since 1999, we have pioneered SharePoint hosting. With more than 1 million SharePoint users worldwide, we live and breathe the technology. You’ll have exclusive access to our SharePoint experts and private SharePoint Knowledge Base.

Worry Free Infrastructure

We own the hardware and software. When a new version or model rolls out, we take care of it.