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Determining your Partner Commissions

The Fpweb.NETWORK offers two ways to make money: Referrals and Resellers.
The role you take in each customer opportunity will determine your method of compensation.

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Fpweb.NETWORK Referrals

Referrals introduce us to qualified leads.Referrals are eligible for a payment of up to 15% of the initial sale, depending on the contract length signed by the lead.

Fpweb.NETWORK Resellers

Resellers take part in the sales process. Resellers are eligible for a discount of up to 15% of the reoccurring monthly billing, depending on the contract length.

Why Partner?

Outsourcing your client's business needs to a provider like puts years of experience in hosting and support on your team. Think of us as the Engine - powering the deal with increased efficiency, capacity and capabilities. You're the Driver, leading us all down the road to success.

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