Free Templates for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS Edition)

Administrative Assistant SharePoint Template

Administrative Assistants generally keep a close eye on all things “office management”. The MOSS My Sites template for Administrative Assistants presents all of the company data they need in an easy to use and familiar format. Centralize calendars, scheduling, functions, meetings and more. This template for MS Office SharePoint Server allows the Administrative Assistant to coordinate all office duties with ease. Locating important contact information, reviewing office payment summaries and accessing reports are all a breeze with this tidy, convenient layout.

SharePoint Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant will even have access to employee survey results – making this MOSS template the essential tool for optimal business communication and performance.

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Financial Analyst SharePoint Template

When it comes to business decision making, financial advisors are focused on the bottom line. The MOSS 2007 My Sites template for controllers and financial analysts brings the most important financial data and information directly to their desktop, to increase business intelligence and help them make informed fiscal decisions. This MOSS My Site template empowers financial analyst-controllers with a spread of organized presentations on financial performance. From the high-level overviews to granular detailed reports at the geographic level, it's all included.

Controller Financial Analyst

The controller or financial analyst can track top performing products, sales numbers, revenue and budgeting. MOSS My Site 2007 templates for Financial Analysts-controllers reduce time spent crunching numbers, leaving more time for planning performance, budget and growth projections.

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Customer Service Manager SharePoint Template

The goal of any customer service organization is to provide the best customer experience industry-wide. The MOSS My Site Customer Service Manager template is designed to help those businesses achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. With this MOSS My Site template, your customer service management team will have access to the graphical tools necessary to quickly evaluate customer issues, call distribution, service performance and operation costs. Plus, they can easily stay on top of customer service issues by tracking and displaying Key Performance Indicators (KPI), order status and vendor performance.

Customer Service Manager

The MOSS My Site Template for Customer Service will have your management spending less time sorting details and more time helping customers.

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HR Manager SharePoint Template

The MOSS My Site template for Human Resources managers provides quick access to personnel, employee composition and resource planning data within an organization. This roll-based template provides information for performance reviews that will help the HR manager quickly identify any prominent issues. HR managers can use the simple MOSS My Sites template interface to measure HR activities, employee training, attrition rates and more.

hr manager

Plus, when recruiting new staff, Human Resources can utilize this template on their My Site as a centralized source for all job openings, employee referrals and interview schedules.

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IT Manager SharePoint Template

The MOSS 2007 My Sites IT Manager template is designed for IT managers that oversee a staff that provides on-location support. Since most support teams are governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), IT managers can use this MOSS My Site template to monitor overall performance of their IT engineering staff, along with proper deployment of backups and updates.

IT Manager

The IT Managers My Site template also allows for easy, centralized management of incident calls, escalations to the Help Desk and product-level tracking for license renewal and updates.

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Marketing Manager SharePoint Template

The MOSS 2007 My Sites template for Marketing Managers empowers your brightest Marketing minds with the proper tools to measure brand development and customer acquisition. Armed with collaborative data tools and an organized management system, this template assists marketers with department budgeting, collateral planning and product promotion.

marketing manager

The Marketing manager My Sites template for MOSS 2007 will undoubtedly maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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Sales Account Manager SharePoint Template

Sales Account managers are on the front line of customer-interaction. For this reason, they need the best tools available to oversee customer satisfaction throughout the entire sales process. The MOSS 2007 My Sites template for Sales Account Managers provides comprehensive tools for tracking revenue, metrics and data to predict Sales challenges and forecasts.

Sales Account Manager

A sales account manager with the MOSS Role-based My Sites template can easily monitor customer accounts, quarterly revenue, growth and other performance metrics in easy to read graphical views.

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Web Templates Included in MOSS 2007:

Template Title Template Name Template Description
Global Template


This template is used for initializing a new site.

Team Site


A site for teams to quickly organize, author, and share information. It provides a document library, and lists for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions.

Blank Site


A blank site for you to customize based on your requirements.

Document Workspace


A site for colleagues to work together on a document. It provides a document library for storing the primary document and supporting files, a tasks list for assigning to-do items, and a links list for resources related to the document.

Basic Meeting Workspace


A site to plan, organize, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda, meeting attendees, and documents.

Blank Meeting Workspace


A blank meeting site for you to customize based on your requirements.

Decision Meeting Workspace


A site for meetings that track status or make decisions. It provides lists for creating tasks, storing documents, and recording decisions.

Social Meeting Workspace


A site to plan social occasions. It provides lists for tracking attendees, providing directions, and storing pictures of the event.

Multipage Meeting Workspace


A site to plan, organize, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda and meeting attendees in addition to two blank pages for you to customize based on your requirements.

Central Admin Site


An application template for central administration. It provides Web pages and links for application and operations management.

Wiki Site


A site for a community to brainstorm and share ideas. It provides Web pages that can be quickly edited to record information and then linked together through keywords



A site for a person or team to post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on.

Shared Services Administration Site


This application template for MOSS creates a site for administering shared services

Records Center


This template creates a site designed for records management. Records managers can configure the routing table to direct incoming files to specific locations. The site prevents records from being modified after they are added to the repository.

Document Center


A site to centrally manage documents in your enterprise.

Search Center


A site for delivering the search experience. The site includes pages for search results and advanced searches.

Search Center


The Search Center template creates pages dedicated to search. The main welcome page features a simple search box in the center of the page. The template includes a search results and an advanced search page. This Search Center will not appear in navigation.

SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space


This Web template defines a Personal Space for an individual participating on a SharePoint Portal.

Personalization Site


A site for delivering personalized views, data, and navigation from this site collection into My Site. It includes personalization specific Web Parts and navigation that is optimized for My Site sites.

Publishing Site


A blank site for expanding your website and quickly publishing Web pages. Contributors can work on draft versions of pages and publish them to make them visible to readers. The site includes document and image libraries for storing Web publishing assets.

Publishing Site


This template creates a site for publishing Web pages on a schedule, with workflow features enabled. By default, only Publishing subsites can be created under this site. A Document and Picture Library are included for storing Web publishing assets.

Press Releases Site


This MOSS Web template creates the Press Releases subsite for an Internet-facing corporate presence website.

Publishing Site with Workflow


A site for publishing Web pages on a schedule by using approval workflows. It includes document and image libraries for storing Web publishing assets. By default, only sites with this template can be created under this site.

News Site


A site for publishing news articles and links to news articles. It includes a sample news page and an archive for storing older news items.

Site Directory


A site for listing and categorizing important sites in your organization. It includes different views for categorized sites, top sites, and a site map.

Report Center


A site for creating, managing, and delivering Web pages, dashboards, and key performance indicators that communicate metrics, goals, and business intelligence information.

Collaboration Portal


A starter site hierarchy for an intranet divisional portal. It includes a home page, a News site, a Site Directory, a Document Center, and a Search Center with Tabs. Typically, this site has nearly as many contributors as readers and is used to host team sites.

Search Center with Tabs


A site for delivering the search experience. The welcome page includes a search box with two tabs: one for general searches, and another for searches for information about people. You can add and customize tabs to focus on other search scopes or result types.



This application template creates a profile site that includes page layout with zones

Publishing Portal


A starter site hierarchy for an Internet-facing site or a large intranet portal. This site can be customized easily with distinctive branding. It includes a home page, a sample press releases subsite, a Search Center, and a login page. Typically, this site has many more readers than contributors, and it is used to publish Web pages with approval workflows.

My Site Host


A site used for hosting personal sites (My Sites) and the public People Profile page. This template needs to be provisioned only once per Shared Service Provider, please consult the documentation for details.