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Upgrade Solutions for SharePoint 2003

If you still use SharePoint Portal Server 2003, you're missing the collaboration and management tools that make SharePoint great. Now you can move your environment with a free SharePoint migration from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint 2013 when you host with!

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The Great Migration Webinar

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Watch our free webinar "The Great Migration: Moving your SharePoint", where we take a short, yet in-depth look at how to navigate the migration process and review your options for upgrading your enterprise's SharePoint environment.

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Options for updating your SharePoint Environment

Upgrading from SharePoint 2003 to 2013

Manual Migration Steps:

Please note: that you need extra hardware and software to do a manual migration. This standard migration path requires at least two additional servers.

  1. Start with WSS 2.0 2003
  2. Upgrade to WSS 3.0 2007
  3. Upgrade 2007 to SP2
    1. Cannot upgrade to 2010 until 2007 is updated with SP2
  4. Upgrade to 2010
    1. In-place if on 64-bit hardware (unlikely coming from 2003)
    2. Database Attach/Detach to a 64-bit server with 2010.
  5. Upgrade to SharePoint 2013.
    1. In-place no longer an option.
    2. Database Attach/Detach to yet another server with 2013.

Third-Party Migration Steps:

  1. Start with WSS 2.0 2003
  2. Migrate to 2013
  3. Give yourself a round of applause's SharePoint migration tool makes it easy! Contact us to learn more about how you can update your SharePoint environment for free!

Free SharePoint Migrations

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