Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities

Project Management

Project management has a new ally.

Microsoft SharePoint provides out-of-the-box PM solutions that drive complex projects to completion using the collaborative organization and management methods your enterprise needs to succeed.

Now you can track projects from conception to completion with project schedules, project history and various control changes. Project risks are mitigated through version control, access permissions and centralized documents. Microsoft's familiar PM tools (like Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) are easily integrated so you can build a Project Management Information System (PMIS) and begin customizing your project like a PMP.

Hosted SharePoint makes managing projects even easier by leaving the IT to the experts. Your focus stays with the project, not SharePoint. With's SharePoint Cloud, SharePoint project management capabilities are custom fit to your business. Organize your projects easily from a SharePoint website. Scheduling, assigning, tracking and storing documents all in one spot for your convenience. Enjoy cost and productivity savings with flexible PM solutions that increase collaboration and communication within your enterprise.

Content Management

Perfecting the process for business collaboration.

SharePoint takes the best parts of social and search to create a natural, simplified and familiar (if you've used Microsoft Office) content management model. SharePoint's enterprise content management (ECM) can be used to organize, store and access content, provide effective search through metadata and safeguard content.

Manage your enterprise content in a central location, accessed through a web browser or client application like MS Office, and securely manage documents, files, websites, online advertising, publishing and multimedia on one platform. SharePoint shaves costs off traditional ECM, but the true value comes from hosting these apps in's SharePoint Cloud. Enjoy easier integration, appropriate compliance measures, expert support and increased productivity with's hosted SharePoint ECM solutions. Your private SharePoint Cloud ensures your public websites the highest availability with an unrelenting performance that is customized to your enterprise needs. SharePoint's business is collaboration, and our business is SharePoint.


Moving forward together on the path to success

Team work leads to success. It's no secret that a business needs efficient collaborative efforts to run effectively and thereby, successfully. These are the pillars that Microsoft SharePoint is built upon - a platform designed to drive collaborative processes and tools quickly and easily so appropriate content is accessible as needed.

SharePoint provides familiar tools that make working together easy. Collaboration is the backbone for key IaaS/SaaS capabilities such as Content, Project, Document and Workflow Management as well as Enterprise-scale Search. But, as is the case with each of these capabilities, they must be carefully implemented to best fit your enterprises' specific needs.'s SharePoint Cloud provides a customized environment that is built for productivity, connection and success. Our highly available environment produces SharePoint sites that are built to perform, providing portal and collaboration capabilities across intranet, extranet and Internet sites. 100% uptime is guaranteed for all online, business, workplace and remote collaboration.

Document Management

Control the life cycle of your business documents

Thanks to electronic paperwork, business documents change hands frequently and, without a proper organization process, duplicates and old versions can lead to problems. Document management makes sharing, revising, transferring and discarding documents easy while eliminating data redundancy and making it easier to search for specific documents.

Efficiency meets collaboration as employees immediately benefit from a central repository to store and manage documents. Storage and retrieval is done from the company database so document assets can be accessed from anywhere in the world. SharePoint harnesses the familiar Microsoft® Office applications that your employees are familiar with (like Excel, Outlook, Word, etc) so training isn't necessary and productivity can pick up from the start.

Hosted SharePoint in's SharePoint Cloud lets your environment reach its full potential with no limits on the platform's functionality. Our high availability and reliability makes access from anywhere in the world possible, so you can exchange and collaborate on documents and files quickly and easily with performance comparable to your local network connection.

Bring your organization together with SharePoint for Intranets.

Control the life cycle of your business documents.

Microsoft SharePoint is your enterprise's one-stop-shop for internal communication - a central hub on your local network for HR's policies, company calendars, documents, mission statements, etc. The SharePoint platform pushes collaboration within the team by enhancing productivity and workplace efficiency. The information employees need is available and sensitive corporate information remains secure, simplifying processes to share data without exposing private data.

Many company struggle with developing the ideal intranet for their enterprise. Several challenges arise, such as user adoption, workflow implementation and getting the most from your search, when building an intranet from scratch. Hosted SharePoint from guarantees your corporate intranet will be the great collaboration and communication tool your business needs.'s SharePoint Cloud implements a private, secure intranet that is cost effective and immediately connects your company. Save your company the time and resources of implementing and managing an intranet solution and let do what they do best.

SharePoint for Private External Networks

Extend your business relationships with SharePoint for Extranets.

Microsoft SharePoint presents a single platform for your extranet solution so accessing and sharing company information with authorized external users is a simple, secure process.

Document and content management as well as inherent security and search features make collaboration through extranets possible. Design an extranet solution for your enterprise to exchange information between employees, clients, suppliers or business partners with the security and selective access to prevent them from viewing private data.

It's important to keep the line of communication open, but just as important to be selective with your enterprise's information and access. Hosting your extranet in's SharePoint Cloud gives your secure environment the opportunity to deploy quickly and reach farther with the high availability of our wide-area network (WAN).

Thanks to's expert support and SharePoint's familiar Microsoft® Office toolset, your enterprise immediately benefits from our hosted extranet offerings. Engage customers, clients, partners and employees while reducing overhead costs, enhancing team productivity, increasing sales and strengthening business relationships.

Enterprise-Scale Search

Even U2 found what they were looking for.

Productivity often suffers from time wasted by knowledge workers searching for the appropriate information or document. Microsoft SharePoint's search features capture and identify the content your employees need to increase workplace efficiency.

Enterprises work with a considerable amount of data and need comprehensive indexing and organization from their search queries. SharePoint's native search helps make data access and management easy with its content discovery.

Now, out-of-the-box SharePoint search gets the deluxe treatment with FAST Search Server 2013 for SharePoint. This robust, enterprise search option delivers relevant company information at lightning speed with contextual matching, automatic metadata and visual results while remaining a platform for building custom search-driven applications.

Hosting FAST search in the Cloud gives your enterprise the support and service your search server needs.'s SharePoint Cloud provides a rapid deployment of IT services so you benefit from increased workplace productivity in no time as well as improving your ROI by lowering operational costs. offers unmatched speed, powerful performance, serious security and a diligent, expert support staff.

Workflow Management

Improve workplace efficiency and productivity with automated business processes.

Your enterprise runs on policies and processes that are implemented into documents and projects regularly. Workflow management is the automated organization tool, or project management, that keeps these processes in line and enables your employees to focus on their project rather than the workflow.

Using business logic, SharePoint workflows attach a certain set of instructions and controls on different projects and then manage the tasks involved in the business process. Unnecessary steps and processes are removed and each employee can identify a clear, workflow process. Tracking each process is possible so every stage of the project is available, and approvals can be given to move the project to the next stage.

Workflow management solutions can prove a great benefit to any enterprise, but creating and managing complex and powerful custom workflows can slow your team down. Hosting your SharePoint in's SharePoint Cloud gives your company the right tools to quickly implement workflows and immediately begin benefiting from the increased productivity within your team as they benefit from organized, automated processes. Save money on your hosted infrastructure and time on your business processes and projects when you host workflows in the SharePoint Cloud.

Hosted Applications Platform

Increase SharePoint’s capabilities in a cloud environment.

The introduction of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) brought an instant change to the overhead costs involving time and money that was slowing down enterprise I.T. departments. Now hosting providers like can employ a dedicated service to help companies quickly leverage IT for their business needs while increasing ROI and lowering TCO.

Thanks to readily available services, hosted software can immediately begin to shoulder the weight of your company's demanding I.T. department. Microsoft® SharePoint benefits from IaaS and SaaS through dedicated, private cloud hosting models, specifically's SharePoint Cloud. Your enterprise's investment in infrastructure finds true value in managed hosting. Think of it as a subscription to the service that provides fixed costs through monthly billing and implements both the hardware and support needed with no upfront investment.

As cloud computing continues to grow, more and more companies are protecting their investment and their data behind the private cloud. IaaS and SaaS implementation allow your enterprise to do more with less - every company's strategy in this economy. Now a reliable, cost-effective solution is available with's SharePoint Cloud.