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Managed SharePoint Cloud Hosting Services

Give your business the agility and resources to innovate

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What is a SharePoint Hosting Solution?

SharePoint hosting solutions add a whole new breed of SharePoint intelligence and support to your IT team. Your environment is housed behind dedicated, private servers in’s datacenter that can be controlled and customized by you. Each solution is backed by unrelenting support and unparalleled service.


Between expertise, training, equipment, maintenance, upgrades, patching, support escalation, security, etc., you can't compete with cloud providers who focus dedicated resources on each.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Rapid Deployment for Cloud Hosting

Rapid Deployment

Forget about ordering and installing parts. Get to market faster with a cloud that's added remotely and helps you compete on an international level quickly and efficiently.

Cloud Backups and Recovery

Data Recovery

Business Continuity Plans with backups and disaster recovery protect your business by replicating data offsite and can be implemented quickly in the Cloud.

Cloud Hosting Performance

Performance and Reliability

With increased storage, scalability and a reliable network that's fast and highly available, your sites run at top speed no matter where they're being accessed.

Cloud Savings

Cost Savings

SharePoint Cloud Hosting makes it easy to lower your cost of operations, strengthen your return on investment and bring the focus back on your business.

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Predictable Billing

Predictable monthly or annual billing makes managing your budget simple and removes the financial concerns surrounding maintenance, refreshes, security, backups and even staffing.

Refocus IT with Cloud Hosting

Refocus your IT

With highly automated services in the cloud, you can forget about the heavy lifting and use cloud resources to bring your team's focus back on innovation for your core business

Security in the Cloud

Ironclad Security

Dedicated cloud security gives your business enterprise-level protection state-of-the-art cyber and physical security measures that also complies with multiple competencies like HIPAA and PCI.

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Deepen the Talent Pool

Adding SharePoint specialists to your team that have the experience to handle any issue that comes up gives your business the peace of mind and support needed to succeed.

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Lower Costs for Consumers

By controlling capital costs, reducing risks and labor costs and leveling the playing field with your competitors, the cloud helps your customers save as much as you do.

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Everywhere, All the time

Access information from anywhere at any moment. The Cloud stores data and software online, allowing remote online access when you're working out of the office or the country.

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