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Microsoft® SharePoint Industry Solutions

SharePoint in Your Industry

Each industry likely has two things in common: it staffs a demanding IT department, and it can benefit from adopting Microsoft® SharePoint to its infrastructure. SharePoint is a business platform that hosts multi-purpose applications and tools that helps companies leverage its useful functions without being an IT expert.

How can SharePoint help your business?

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Every industry vertical receives help where they need it most with SharePoint. Educators, Non-profits and members of the Media and Public Relations can use Microsoft’s platform for its collaborative resources. Many enterprises within Energy and Construction fields choose SharePoint for its project management features that help them automate work processes.

Document Management is a major staple of the SharePoint platform and is used heavily by Government institutions, Law firms, Pharmaceutical companies and other enterprises. Financial and Manufacturing companies use SharePoint’s robust workflow management to develop a reliable system for their business.

How can's Hosted SharePoint help your business? Powerspin logo

As a premier Cloud hosting provider, understands the importance of industry-specific solutions that abide by the needs and hosting compliance standards necessary for data storage and management. Our enterprise customers across countless industry verticals depend on us for managed software hosting and IT service. Our reliable, trusted SharePoint Cloud solution is designed to make the most sense for your enterprise.

Choosing’s SharePoint Cloud guarantees you will receive superior support from our staff of certified IT professionals. Plus, hosting your SharePoint services with eliminates the cost required to purchase, implement, maintain and secure your solution in-house, saving you significant cost on your infrastructure.

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