Hosted SharePoint Benefits for the Construction Industry

Cloud computing continues to show impressive benefits to businesses that must address their outdated IT models. As shared resources and remote collaboration make their way to the top of every industry's priority list, the Construction Industry finds the perfect project management solution with the Cloud.

Construction collaboration begins with Microsoft® SharePoint. This platform provides project management capabilities that boost collaboration through reporting, document management, field management and shared resources. By supporting intranet and extranet environments, SharePoint is an ideal solution for construction and architectural project teams to share their documents and collaborate over the internet.

The Private Cloud Solution introduces the SharePoint Cloud: a SaaS (software-as-a-service) private cloud model that allows construction companies of any size to leverage the benefits of cloud computing without having to sacrifice their TCO, security, reliability or performance.

Hosted SharePoint allows you to concentrate on construction while's support staff deploy and maintain your software, handling upgrades and any equipment issues as well. Project management processes become seamless and your productivity increases while your IT investment decreases.

Serious security and regular backups are a reality as you maintain total control of your server and data in your private cloud.'s SharePoint Cloud solution lets you focus your time and creativity on construction while we handle SharePoint.