Benefits of Hosted SharePoint for Educational Institutions

The Cloud has made itself known throughout every IT department in every industry. Enterprises cannot ignore the cost savings coupled with the Cloud's reliability, speed and security. As Cloud computing continues to lessen enterprises' IT burden across every sector, the Education industry emerges as a particularly advantageous group.

Education is under constant pressure to pursue advanced technology services for the staff and students. With strict budgetary guidelines in the face of evolving needs, the industry must do more with less. Introducing a new way to invest in your infrastructure:'s SharePoint Cloud.

Collaboration becomes a reality with Microsoft® SharePoint. SharePoint is a unique content management tool that makes collaborative resources readily available to your entire staff and student base. Hosting SharePoint in the cloud allows your information to remain secure and backed up in offsite data centers. While most organizations have dipped into cloud computing already by hosting .edu emails from an offsite server,'s SharePoint Cloud provides the performance and reliability students need when accessing remotely as well as the secure collaboration teachers expect when sharing sensitive documents within their department.'s SharePoint Cloud lightens your budget and IT demands by hosting the Microsoft® SharePoint platform and allowing the education industry to focus on the students, not the infrastructure.

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