Benefits of Hosted SharePoint for
Energy Companies

For Energy companies, embracing the cloud can produce some amazing benefits, both for the company’s bottom line and for the environment. Typically, members of the industry who adopt a private cloud solution reduce their capital investment in IT while also reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

So how can companies achieve these savings while simultaneously bolstering their IT staff to spike efficiency and allow for a more effective project management process? Microsoft SharePoint. The Microsoft® collaboration platform offers a responsive environment that becomes your company’s biggest asset when dealing with remote services. Real time updates can be made anywhere in the world, so documents can be worked on simultaneously, receiving both party’s changes at the top speed this industry demands.

The Private Cloud Solution’s SharePoint Cloud makes this cost-saving, environmentally friendly product even more useful by eliminating the SharePoint IT burden from your staff’s shoulders and handling all of the maintenance and upkeep of your own, dedicated server that hosts your data. Security, reliance, performance and agility come standard in the Cloud thanks to’s highly available network and resilient security features. is one of the few hosting providers that allow total administrative control over your server, meaning the server is yours to change as needed – scalability, licensing, integrations, etc. is prepared for hosting applications necessary for the ongoing, 24/7 needs of energy companies. We provide dedicated Microsoft® application hosting for SharePoint as well as being your trusted SharePoint advisor for any issues you encounter or needs you develop as you grow.

Our dependable solutions are monitored around the clock; plus, you can rely on our expertise via constant support. Our team of experts ensures that your SharePoint hosting solution experiences maximum uptime and is outfitted to exceed your needs with features like NERC Compliance.