Hosted SharePoint Benefits for Government Institutions

Impact of the Cloud on your industry: Government & Law Enforcement

Cloud computing can effectively address insufficiencies that result from On-premise infrastructures and limited IT resources. Government Institutions must keep their business running effectively while doing more with less. Private cloud solutions now offer the security and performance reliability that the industry demands while delivering it at a savings to the institution.

Federal CIO Vivek Kundra realized the savings and benefits associated with Cloud computing and initiated the “Cloud First” policy in 2011 which mandates that government institutions must default to a cloud-based solution when evaluating their IT options for new IT deployments. When security, reliability and the budget all benefit by switching to the Cloud, the choice is simple.

Significant enhancements to your IT environment begin with a Microsoft business platform that promotes workflow management, collaboration and secure document management: Microsoft® SharePoint. This tool provides a more cost effective solution that lowers management headaches along with the budget.’s SharePoint Cloud is a private Cloud hosting solution that is tailor made for your institution’s needs. With 100% customization capabilities, your SharePoint environment can grow and develop to fit your organizations changing needs.

As always, hosting with means putting our SharePoint talent on your team. We add our expert and experienced SharePoint team to your list of IT assets so you’ll never encounter an issue that can’t be resolved.’s SharePoint Cloud is compliant-ready for the security competencies government institutions need. Sensitive data is stored in our world-class data centers that feature state-of-the-art physical and cybersecurity. Our reliable hosted applications have been trusted by the United States Air Force, The Federal Aviation Administration and more.

The level of records management and auditing required for Government applications is crucial to the ongoing performance of our public institutions.’s SharePoint Cloud provides the robust applications, security and hosting compliance standards required for many government branches to function and communicate effectively.