Hosted SharePoint Benefits for Factories & Manufacturers

The Manufacturing Industry has shown that they trust the Cloud to drive IT production. By moving their data from an On-premise infrastructure to the Cloud, manufacturers are benefiting from large cost savings as well as avoiding the technical and business issues that have plagued them in the past.

The Cloud is a global phenomenon and the Manufacturing Industry needs remote access to instantly establish an online presence wherever the work may take them. This real-time access and built-in collaboration tool is available with Microsoft® SharePoint. SharePoint encapsulates several IT applications that can drive your entire operation, all on one platform. The business platform allows for seamless workflow management within the Cloud and Microsoft’s collaboration tool helps your organization respond quickly to any business demands. But, as always, with great IT power comes great IT responsibility.’s SharePoint Cloud is a private Cloud solution that takes the IT pressure off your back and places it in the hands of dedicated, certified SharePoint experts. delivers a cost-effective Cloud solution that is yours to customize and build upon. We give you total server administrative control. Our 24/7/365 support is there to fix any SharePoint issue you encounter and our engineering team actively monitors your system to ensure it is performing at the highest level.

From project management to team communication to barcodes and labeling, offers solutions to keep your business organized and facilitate collaboration during development cycles.’s SharePoint Cloud provides the hosted applications and the reliability needed to service the day to day duties of your task teams in research and development.’s SharePoint Cloud can help you automate your business process and create a more polished workflow management system. As the leading provider of Microsoft® Hosted SharePoint, hundreds of manufacturers trust us to provide reliable, expert service for their day-to-day operations; even complying with Title 21 code of federal regulations.