Hosted SharePoint Benefits for Marketing, Media & Public Relations Agencies

Every industry is reevaluating their IT needs and each sector reaches the same conclusion: how do you do more with less? For the Marketing, Media and PR sector, the answer is cloud computing.

The industry is filled with professionals who need to collect and share large amounts of data at a moment's notice. Advertising and marketing campaigns stretch across the globe and demand immediacy with all communicative efforts, making instant collaboration among remote teams pivotal for proper content management. The cloud is influencing the industry more and more to make the IT switch from on-premise to Software as a Service.

Microsoft® SharePoint is the premier content management and collaboration tool. Hosting SharePoint in the Cloud strengthens the availability of your marketing by ensuring your environment is always reliable, secure and fast.'s SharePoint Cloud is designed to handle your high traffic campaigns and new advertising launches, guaranteeing 100% uptime and boasting dynamic scalability to grow with your needs. Server control and shared resources remain on your terms, in your control.

As your media team focuses on the marketing initiatives at hand,'s unrivaled support team continues to maintain your SharePoint environment after deployment by saving you money on licensing, hardware, installation, upkeep and maintenance. As your trusted SharePoint advisor, will also help you identify a proper business continuity plan to prepare your company for any scenario - ensuring all critical data is redundant and ready to spin back up at a moment's notice.'s SharePoint Cloud allows secure collaboration with remote teams while promoting the content management processes used by every marketing, advertising and PR agency.