Hosted SharePoint Benefits for Not for Profit Organizations

Impact of the Cloud on your industry: Non-Profits

Charities, religious organizations, industry and trade associations and other non-profits are beginning the transition to the Cloud. Like many other industries, they have taken notice of the cost savings that make it easier to manage the company budget as well as operations.

Team collaboration is essential to run a successful business and Microsoft® SharePoint arms your business with the ability to remote access and co-manage documents in real time. SharePoint’s cost-effective billing makes budgeting easy and the savings continue when you host the platform in’s private cloud solution: The SharePoint Cloud.

When you combine 60% IT cost savings with’s expertise in Microsoft® Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, it is no surprise that many non-profits turn to for hosting. No servers need to be purchased, maintained or replaced. With assistance from our robust IT staff, never before has it been easier or safer to organize the communications of your non-profit organization, Charity, or Educational institution.’s SharePoint Cloud is built around your non-profit’s needs. And because the SharePoint environment provides is 100% customizable, you never have to worry about outgrowing your solution. We make it easy for you to enhance the efficiency of your organization by cutting costs wherever possible and leaving you to focus on what matters – your business.’s SharePoint Cloud will eliminate costs and worries associated with an in-house expert IT staff, equipment, software and upgrades, so you can focus your resources on the functions of your organization. Contact us for a consultation to discover how we can serve you.