Hosted SharePoint Benefits for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is notorious for being late to the Cloud party. Tasked with the daunting role of developing, producing and marketing medical drugs, pharmaceutical companies often must deal with various laws and regulations while fighting through the process to place their drug on the shelves. As adoption of the Cloud has soared across other fields of medicine like the Healthcare Industry, big drug firms are beginning to realize the grand benefits of a private cloud solution.

Big Pharma’s symptoms lead to a clear prognosis. If optimizing your processing capabilities and bolstering collaboration within remote and local teams while still protecting and backing up all your data is the plan, then Microsoft® SharePoint is the platform. SharePoint is an obvious way to streamline your operations while saving money across the board.’s SharePoint Cloud is a private cloud solution that takes the SharePoint burden off of your IT staff and provides a dedicated, expert extension to your team. This SharePoint Cloud has unlimited customization capabilities so your environment can adapt to your industry’s changing needs. For instance, as patient trials and drug information are heavily documented, drug firm’s data needs can change quickly. With custom scalability, your data capacity can be changed to whatever your storage and processing needs demand.

Typically, pharmaceutical companies must operate with an intranet and an extranet. Internal sites contain patient and drug records along with critical patient trial information. External sites may be used to market the drug or communicate with different drug representatives. Research and Development teams must stay in constant contact and be able to collaborate on documents in real time. These remote needs demand a secure network that is always available with maximum uptime.’s SharePoint Cloud is compliant-ready to handle sensitive client and drug information while utilizing the latest in cyber and physical security to protect the servers where the data lives. Whether it’s remote work, capacity scaling, or heavy grade security and compliances,’s Private SharePoint Cloud can handle any Big Pharma needs.