SharePoint 2013 Features

End User Features

SharePoint 2013 looks to empower end users with all new features for personal sites, additional collaboration features, improved social capabilities and an impressive new Cloud App model.

Mobile Optimization Features

We’re reaching the age where mobile devices are replacing the home computer and information is consumed on-the-go, requiring a responsive, user friendly experience when browsing the internet. SharePoint 2013 stays ahead of the game with an optimized platform, ready for the future. SharePoint 2013 not only introduces the new Microsoft metro UI for desktop web browsers, but the page renderings are also optimized for mobile devices and tablets. End users can now switch between three viewing modes when viewing SharePoint content on a mobile device: Contemporary view which utilizes HTML5 and works on the latest generation of IE 9, Windows Phone 7.5, Safari 4 and Android 4, Classic view which uses an older version of HTML for browsers that do not support HTML5 (what you would see in SharePoint 2010), and Full screen UI - which shows the desktop browser experience.

Additional Mobile Optimization Features:

  • Device Channels – Versions of pages can be targeted to specific devices.
  • Push Notifications – Similar to email alerts but specific to mobile devices.
  • Location – New field types can utilize your devices GPS coordinates.
  • Business Intelligence – Dashboard content viewable on mobile devices.
  • Office Web Apps – OWA Server lets optimized viewers open Office documents on mobile devices.