What's New in
SharePoint 2013

The latest release of SharePoint 2013 has many new features that expand on the social, mobile & cloud capabilities of former SharePoint platforms. SharePoint 2013 builds upon an already robust business platform by adding features that are appreciated by the casual SharePoint user & administrator, as well as the more hardened SharePoint power users & experts. Let's take a closer look at several new SharePoint 2013 features.

SharePoint 2013 Features Missing in Office 365

SharePoint 2013 Application Management Feature

Application Management Service Application

By now you've probably heard of the SharePoint 2013 App Store. SharePoint 2013's most popular new feature seems to be the Cloud App model, enabling developers to build scalable and customizable apps using web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. These apps are then available in the Office Store and can easily be applied to a SharePoint Farm. The App Management Service is responsible for storing and providing information regarding app licenses and permissions.

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SharePoint 2013 Machine Translation Feature

Machine Translation Service Application

This is an interesting technology that could prove very interesting once fully implemented. The translation service provides automatic translation of files and sites. It does this by forwarding the request to a cloud-hosted machine translation service where the actual work is performed. The request can be automated or manually started. This could prove beneficial to global corporations where sites or documents are accessed regularly by co-workers who live in separate parts of the worlds.

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SharePoint 2013 Work Management Feature

Work Management Service Application

Among the many useful service applications available, the new work management service application appears to be very helpful addition to SharePoint 2013. The application aggregates tasks to a central location, so if you have multiple task lists spread throughout a SharePoint farm, this service application allows you to see them all in your MySite.

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SharePoint 2013 Request Management Feature

Request Management Service Application

This is to be used only on SharePoint farms with multiple servers. This service application helps manage incoming requests by evaluating logic rules so you can configure a web front-end (WFE) that also acts as the Index server to not receive as many requests as a server that is only a WFE. You can prioritize requests by throttling other types of requests as well as route requests to web servers based on HTTP elements like host name of client IP address. If the rules and servers are configured correctly, you should notice a performance increase.

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SharePoint 2013 Cross-site Publishing Feature

Cross-Site Publishing

A long overdue upgrade, documents can now be saved in a site collection available to other site collections. This is beneficial when aggregating content from disparate locations and also very helpful in exposing documents to a targeted audience. For example, documents owned by Marketing can now be shared easily with the Sales department.

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SharePoint 2013 PDF Searching Feature

PDF Searching

No more worries about configuring Search to enable PDF searching. Not only does it recognize the file type by default, but full-text searching PDFs is enabled by default so content can be searched within a PDF document.

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SharePoint 2013 Shredded Storage Feature

Shredded Storage

This isn't a storage application, but it's new in SharePoint 2013 and should increase performance by limiting data pushed across the network. This is used primarily when versioning is enabled. Shredded Storage is not something you have to configure; it's already done for you. Basically, Shredded Storage only saves changes in a document, rather than a completely new version of a document. In SharePoint 2010, a 1 MB file that has 10 versions would consume 10 MB of storage space. Now because SharePoint only saves the changes to a document, the total space consumed may be more around 3 MB.

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SharePoint 2013 Social Features

Social Features

Microsoft is placing a huge importance on social computing in SharePoint 2013. Similar to familiar social medias, users now have personal newsfeeds where they can follow nearly anything in SharePoint, including sites, documents and people. You can see your mentions and, as previously stated, aggregate task lists. A personal blog space is available and, rather than having a document library, you now have a SkyDrive where you can store, sync, and share your work. Permissions on SkyDrive are easy to understand so any user can share their content with a targeted audience.Microsoft anticipates users navigating to their personal space when logging into SharePoint as opposed to the portal site in previous iterations. With the new social features in SharePoint 2013, this will allow a user to see everything they follow (documents, sites, people) and all of their SharePoint tasks in a centralized location.

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