SharePoint Server 2010 - Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search Features

Enterprise Search for SharePoint Server 2010 is a new breed of Search. Enterprise Search Server 2010 for SharePoint incorporates features that extend the native search functions of Microsoft SharePoint beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint Server Standard or SharePoint Server Enterprise.

Some unique features of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search include:

  • Relevance tuning - fine tune your search model to the needs of different applications to benefit each user type or persona
  • Visualizing search results - see the search result before you click
  • Backbone for search-driven applications - build search-driven applications for specific roles within your company
  • Contextual matching - start a comprehensive search by highlighting the context and intent of the query. Your search is matched with terms and phrases that appear in the context of the matching text
  • Automatic metadata - metadata generation occurs while the content is being created

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