SharePoint Costs: Hosted vs On-Premises Hosting SharePoint Server On-Premise SharePoint Development
Cost Predictable Costs
We take care of hardware, repairs, replacements and upgrades to save you thousands.
Unexpected Expenses
Unpredictable large capital outlays and out-of pocket expenses put strains on your business.
Time Deploy in Days
Our rapid deployment ensures that your SharePoint solution will be up and running in a matter of days.
Delayed for Months
Be prepared for a complex installation process and a time-consuming deployment process.
Talent SharePoint Experts 24x7x365
With the most SharePoint expertise in the hosting industry, our staff of experts free up your resources.
Massive Hiring & Training Costs
Your in-house hires may not have the right experience for a successful SharePoint 2013 deployment.
Ease Care-Free Maintenance
Our turnkey SharePoint 2013 Servers harness the latest technology, scale with ease and are incredibly reliable.
Complicated Configurations
Continuously adding to the IT environment can become complicated, time consuming and confusing.
Security Safe & Secure
Your data is housed in our SSAE 16 SOC I Type II data center . We stay on top of your security requirements so you’re free to take care of business.
Heavy Costs & Security Burdens
Constant monitoring, daily backups, patching and updates quickly fill up work days. Without state-of-the-art security & expertise, your data will be compromised.
Value Managed Infrastructure
We keep your environment running at top speed by installing all the latest hardware and software upgrades. Your data remains your data under our care.
Hardware Failures & Depreciation
Your hardware will lose value over time. Running on an outdated SharePoint platform or server hardware means your efficiency & productivity will suffer.