SharePoint 2013 Server Features

End User Features

SharePoint is only as strong as the people who use it every day. Microsoft has kept this in mind with the latest additions to enhance user experience with their platform. The changes are centered around an 'on-the-go' lifestyle that optimizes mobile and social features including a new Geolocation field to store map coordinates, My Sites enhancements that mimic social networks and other great, new ways to share information and collaborate easily.

Enterprise Content Management Features

SharePoint 2013 Server finds much of its strength with Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Usability, social integration, and search see strong improvements that allow users to share and find data in familiar, modern ways. Enjoy these great benefits with SharePoint 2013's ECM:

Additional Features of Enterprise Content Management:

  • FAST Search is now integrated into SharePoint Server Search
  • Drag and drop file upload
  • Share documents in your newsfeed
  • Mass edit document metadata
  • Utilize retention policies for emails using an Exchange Site Mailbox
  • Create attractive, usable navigation with managed metadata terms

Enterprise Workflow Features

Workflow in SharePoint Server 2013 has been rebuilt on Windows Workflow Foundation 4 and now scales workflow processing outside of the SharePoint web server realm. With the new Work Management Service application, all your workflow tasks are aggregated to the central tasks list on your profile page. The new stage-aware workflow engine allows the process flow to take different directions in the workflow based on specified conditions – whereas SharePoint 2010 used Visual Studio to create anything other than simple sequential workflows.

Additional Features of Enterprise Workflows:

  • SharePoint 2010 workflows still work in SharePoint 2013 by running the Windows Workflow Foundation 3 engine, installed for backwards compatibility
  • Text and Visual based workflow Design options in SharePoint Designer 2013
  • You can now have workflows loop until a certain condition is met

Enterprise Web Content Management Features

WCM has been a major focus for enhancement in SharePoint 2013. The entire platform has been modernized and optimized for the latest web standards, mobile device compatibility, easy content publishing and reuse, brand packaging and deployment, and multi-language sites.

Additional Web Content Management Enhancements:

  • Use familiar tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver to design the site and brand.
  • Use Design manager to preview, customize, and package your site in the web browser.
  • Create reusable content that can be consumed by many different targeted devices using device channels
  • Surface dynamic content to the end user based on search driven content display
  • The SharePoint mark-up has be architected for simpler CSS and HTML5
  • The new Content Search Webpart allows you to rollup content across site collections for related or suggested content.
  • The new Machine translation service can automatically translate your content into different languages or package the content to ship to a vendor to translate.
  • Build ecommerce sites with out-of-the-box configuration and no code necessary!

Social Collaboration Features

With influences from Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, and other major Social networking players, Microsoft aims at the Enterprise Social Networking market with the welcomed improvements to the social story in SharePoint Server 2013. The platform makes finding people and content simple, while empowering them to share information and ideas.

Powerful Social features in SharePoint Server 2013:

  • Facebook-esque news feeds, complete with a “Like” button and support for pictures and hyperlinks
  • OneDrive for Business replaces SharePoint Workspace for offline content sync with a deep Office 2013 integration
  • Threaded discussion boards let you reply to specific people using the (at)name format
  • Follow specific people and documents to aggregate relevant updates
  • Tag content with the hashtag (#)