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SharePoint Continuity Service

SharePoint Continuity Service

Unfortunately outages occur. Become proactive and ensure employee access to SharePoint with’s SharePoint Continuity Service.

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Insurance for your SharePoint

SharePoint has become such an important tool for businesses. Regardless of the size of your shop, SharePoint outages caused by hardware failures, required system maintenance, or even natural disasters can drastically effect your business. Protect your livelihood with SharePoint Continuity Service.

Insurance for your SharePoint

Not if, but when

Unfortunately outages occur. SharePoint Continuity Service will ensure that your employees can access your SharePoint site, regardless of why the outage occurred and how long it lasts. So your business can continue to operate and you won’t have to worry about access to documents, workflows, forms, or collaboration impediments.

Not if Shrepoint crashes, but when

Become proactive

SharePoint Continuity Service is affordable for businesses of all sizes and very easy to use. Once configured, it requires no onsite hardware or software and is always instantly available. Add SharePoint Continuity Service to your business continuity plan today and take a proactive stance against future SharePoint outages.

Become proactive about SharePoint

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