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Managed Sitecore Hosting

Hosted Sitecore Plans and Pricing

$ 2,995 / mo

Your integrated marketing CMS with no hardware maintenance.


150,000 page views per mo.
Personalization, mobile, social, Localization, ecommerce, personas, Automation, testing, analytics,
24/7, 6 min support response

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Your Budget

Get everything Sitecore offers without the pain of maintaining it on-premises.

All of Pro, plus:

1,000,000 page views per mo.
Unlimited authors,
High availability, DR,
xDB support, DDoS, CDN,
2 free hours admin support

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How Improves your Sitecore

Server TotalCare streamlines and optimizes your Sitecore deployment and then keeps the environment running smoothly with security patching, proactive monitoring, alerting, and more.

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Get to market faster

We'll spin up your system quickly to get you out in front of the competition and, as your business changes, we'll scale your servers up or down to match.

Gain Enterprise Resources

Protect your business with enterprise-grade security for your data and stay compliant with the regulatory standards you need for your industry.

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Get support when you need it

Our average support ticket response time is less than six minutes. We're dedicated to solving the issues that affect your business right when you need us. 24/7/365.


Organizations that have optimized customer engagement have outperformed their competitors by 26% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth.

- Sitecore®

Sitecore Topologies

These topology diagrams show how our servers are configured to best match your needs.

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