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DDoS Protection + CDN

Don't let hackers, vulnerabilities or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks cost your business millions and hurt your brand. We have systems in place to automatically block large scale DDoS attacks with an additional caching benefit of a content delivery network (CDN) system built in.

Active Directory Integration

Want to integrate your active directory accounts for administrators and content authors? Not a problem with's Active Directory Integration for your Sitecore system. Your users will enjoy a single sign-on experience into the Sitecore environment.

Advanced Server Monitoring

Every customer environment is monitored by's engineering staff, but if you’d like your own dashboard into your system details and granular component monitoring options, we will provide Advanced Server Monitoring complete with customizable alerts.

Performance Tuning

Our environments are configured out-of-the-box for the best overall performance, but over time, something might eventually slow down the system. To prevent this, we will provide periodic system performance tests and tuning to make sure everything is running at its best.

xDB Deployment (CXP 7.5+)

The Experience Database (xDB) utilizes MongoDB technology. Avoid the learning curve when deploys this highly scalable NoSQL data storage solution to capture your end user interactions. May require additional dedicated servers for heavy website traffic.

Quarterly Performance Reports will construct and provide an indepth quarterly Sitecore performance report which reviews hardware utilization, database performance and cache performance. If any issues are found, will give you detailed recommendations on resolving these issues.

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your Sitecore deployment. From implementation to maintenance to support,'s Sitecore Services are committed to your success.

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