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Sitecore Features

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A Powerful, easy, integrated marketing solution

Web Content Management (WCM)

Dynamic Personalization and Experience Editing
Configure dynamic portions of your web content that dynamically populate targeted content based on the user's profile.
Mobile Device Experience Optimization
Target certain rendering designs that are tailored to fit specific form factors and optimize the end user's experience.
Social Media Engagement and Integration
Easily add social sharing features to any page of your website and target content based on the specific social channel.
Regionalization and Localization Settings
Easily create a multi-national, localized website to appeal to your global customers with Sitecore's translations exporting.
E-Commerce Website Creation and Services
Build a robust online store complete with order tracking, shopping cards, order fulfillment, and more.
Easy Browser-based Content Authoring and Editing
Edit, approve and publish content changes to production easily and get to market faster with consistent branding.

Digital Marketing System (DMS)

Goals and Engagement Values
Deliver relevant content and gain insight into your marketing efficiency by assigning values and setting engagement goals.
Engagement Analytics
Analyze your campaign effectiveness and fine tune your marketing strategy on the fly with useful engagement analytics.
Campaign Management
Create multi-channel campaigns, measure effectiveness and leverage results to develop a relationship with customers.
Rules-based Personalization
Target specific marketing content to engage particular types of users based on powerful rules and workflows.
AB Split and Multivariate Testing
Use an AB Split to test messaging variations and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing’s content, design, and strategy.
Personas and Profiling
Define user personas and profile website users as they consume your content to personalize each marketing touch point.
Predictive Personalization
Automatically display content that’s based on the user's perceived interests as defined by their user profile.
Engagement Automation
Automate your communication and engage customers and prospects with intelligent workflows that keep them informed.
Email Campaigning
Generate more business by creating scheduled email campaigns that inform and attract new and current customers.
Sales Enablement with CRM Integration
Qualify leads and close business thanks to direct integration with popular CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and more.
Social Integration
Easily engage your customers and prospects across various social channels with integrated social campaigns.

Want to Sync your SharePoint Data with Sitecore?
No Problem

Easily leverage your current SharePoint investment while optimizing your customer experience with Sitecore by utilizing the Sitecore SharePoint Connector Module. With two-way document integration between the systems, you can combine collaboration with customer engagement.

Sitecore and SharePoint logos with arrows

Sitecore SharePoint Connector Module Benefits:

  • Host both systems or deploy a hybrid connection with
  • Publish SharePoint content onto your Sitecore website
  • Replicate SharePoint content into Sitecore’s media library
  • Leverage both investments to provide more value to your business
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Sitecore Edition Comparison

sitecore logoSitecore 6+ sitecore logoSitecore 7+ sitecore logoSitecore 8.0
Marketing & Engagement Automation
Measurable Value & Efficiency Data
Real-time Personalization
Dashboards & Reporting
Classified Origin Visits
Content Experience Platform
Device Simulator
Page Preview Service
Native MVC Support
Page Editor & Rich Text Editor
Supports SQL Server DB Mirroring
Lucene.NET Search Engine
Executive Insight Dashboard
Buckets -
Content Tagging/Faceting -
Search Screens -
Analytics Collection Database -
Scalable analytics data architecture -
Contact Entities -
Tracking across devices/visits -
Launch Pad Applications - -
Experience Explorer - -
Content Tagging using Personas - -
Versioned Layouts - -
Federated Experience Manager - -
List Manager and Segmentation - -
Path Analyzer - -
Simple and Advanced Testing - -
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