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While you can wait for SharePoint 2016’s official release in March 2016, make it easy on yourself and give it a try with our free demo. Preview your very own SharePoint 2016 today!

Try SharePoint 2016 Free Now With Our Exclusive Demo!

SharePoint 2016 will be making its official debut in March 2016. While you can wait until it comes out to try the real thing, why not try it now for free? For 14 days, you’ll have full-server access to test-drive SharePoint 2016 beta before and after its release date with this demo environment. Try it on for size – tweak it, test it, and see how it functions in your world. Best of all, when you leave it and come back later, you’ll find that all of your settings will be saved.

Why should you try the demo when you know you want the real thing? While it’s true that anyone can download SharePoint 2016 for free for 60 days, the installation is pretty complicated. Our demo makes it easy for you to test-drive a fully-functional SharePoint 2016 environment. Instead of spending time on the installation process, you will have more opportunities to experience all of the latest features and improvements, including faster page loads, enhanced user experience across all devices, Office 365 user interface, and much more. The SharePoint Toolkit, which is included in the demo, includes Nintex’s workflow, Content Panda in-content help and training, and custom webparts to enhance SharePoint and make your day easier and more efficient. You’ll find that the workflow will execute standard processes more quickly and smoothly, giving you improved control over personal and sensitive data. The in-line training will increase SharePoint 2016 user adoption across your organization. Team members can use the product immediately and get help in SharePoint, on the spot. No need to open a ticket with help desk or call a friend. Custom webparts eliminate those pesky SharePoint tasks for your particular role or industry.


While there are several great benefits to working with, there are two big reasons why more and more organizations big and small choose us:

Your Experience Is Personal and Fast – No one wants to wait for hours or even days to have their IT issues addressed. With, you will never have to worry about talking with automated systems or waiting to have your ticket escalate in importance. All of our expert staff members and engineers reside in the United States, and you will receive real-time, 5-star support - fast. You are guaranteed to talk to a human being in 6 minutes or less, and all of our support is SharePoint Certified.

We Are the Experts on SharePoint – We host more unique SharePoint configurations than anyone else in the entire world. In fact, chances are we have already helped someone like you overcome very specific challenges. You can always put your worries about upgrading your SharePoint to rest when you have us on your side.

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