Why we stopped domain registration services


Please Note:

Fpweb.net made the decision in August of 2010 to discontinue DNS, domain registration and renewal services for customer-owned domains. Customers can still very easily manage, maintain or buy/sell their own domains directly with a domain registrar of their choosing.

Fpweb.net is no longer providing domain registration services

Why we felt this change was important

We are committed to providing great hosting services to our customers while remaining efficient enough to keep our prices reasonable. We also believe that the best companies in the world are great for a simple reason - they do one thing… really, really well. Domain Registration simply isn’t our primary focus.

We also feel that allowing our customers to handle their own domain names using the registrar of their choice is a good thing for numerous reasons:

It saves our customers money.
Registrars like GoDaddy.com do so much volume that they can provide domain services at a significant discount compared to what we used to charge.

It makes our customer's lives easier.
Companies that are solely focused on domain registration services provide sweet control panels to manage your domains - all in one convenient spot. You can point various domains to various hosting providers if necessary. You’re in control.

What it boils down to is that allowing our customers to own and manage their own domains gives them the freedom to move their hosted services around without the hassle of decommissioning domain names each time a change is made, then having to register it again with their new provider. The way we see it, let the hosters host and the domain registrars… well… handle your domain name.