Free Technical Support for's SharePoint Cloud

To help us serve you best, please verify your problem with this list of common Support issues so our Support engineers can address your problem as quickly as possible.

REMINDER: Before You Call

  • Make sure you are an official contact on the account (a billing level contact must update account information and add you otherwise).
  • Gather as many details about the issue as possible so that our support team can help resolve the issue quickly.
  • If it is a site down issue, check to see if the server is accessible or is it just the SharePoint site that is not responding.
  • If you own multiple hosted environments, please provide the problematic server name.

What's Included in's Free Support

During the SharePoint Build

  • Server role delineation
  • Windows Server OS, SQL, and base SharePoint installation and configuration
  • Partitioning purchased storage for optimized SharePoint performance
  • Active directory installation and configuration
  • Establishing VPN tunnels and one-way active directory trusts
  • One web application and site collection creation
  • Applying the one free SSL certificate
  • Configuration of SharePoint alternate access mappings
  • Incoming and Outgoing email configuration
  • Configuring Disaster Recovery backups and schedules

After the SharePoint Environment is Handed Over

  • Connectivity to the servers
  • Connectivity to the SharePoint Application
  • Connectivity to the SQL service
  • Installation of critical server patches
  • Update Anti-virus definitions
  • Managed schedules backups
  • Proactive monitoring of network and hardware utilization
  • Any questions or recommendations around SharePoint

Taking It One Step Further

For anything not listed above, is happy to act as your trusted SharePoint advisor. Depending on the tools and services you require for your SharePoint solution, will connect you with qualified resources. There are additional SharePoint administrative services offered by for an additional fee. These projects are looked at on a case by case basis. Some examples of these might be: migrating users and data to the cloud, migrating users and data between hosting plans, advanced SharePoint configuration, etc.

Third Party Issues

Our Technical Support representatives are always willing to diagnose issues related to server connectivity, user ID and passwords, but we cannot diagnose or correct issues with unsupported third-party software or scripts

If you are experiencing problems that are a result of third-party software applications, we recommend that you either contact the manufacturer directly, or contact one of our Consulting Service representatives, who are billed out at a reasonable hourly rate.