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Fixing SharePoint Compatibility in Internet Explorer

Joe Knows Support

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Fixing SharePoint Compatibility in Internet Explorer


Hi, I'm Joe with and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Probably wonder how I got this job. Well, they were two prerequisites: one was that you had to be good at support the other one was don't be named Bob, or Matt, we have three Matts, four Matts would cause a formatting issue...

In all seriousness though, these videos you are watching now are going to help you solve seemingly complex issues simply. So let us see what we got coming in. “Order Up!” Ah , SharePoint compatibility issues, this is a good one.


So, if you have noticed with IE 10 or 11 of late, some of that functionality is gone. Trying to figure out what is causing it is a real head-scratcher. It is actually really easy to fix.

Go up to your Internet browser; go down internet options, once here go to security, under security go to your local internet and click on sites. Once you are here, click on Advanced and add you top level domain into the trusted zone.

Once you're here close all this out…okay, okay, okay. And were good, and then one more step. We're going to go right back in, go to compatibility view settings and add it in. Once you're here, you close it. You are not going to have these problems anymore.


It's a good way to fix what seems like a big problem. And that is another ticket served.

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