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How to Check the Status of Your SSL Certificate in Internet Explorer and Chrome

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How to Check the Status of Your SSL Certificate in Internet Explorer and Chrome


Hi, this is Joe with and you are watching Joe Knows Support. You probably seen the first episode or you might know me from "Joe Knows Food", or "Joe Knows Nothing: Wife Edition". "Order Up!" Hey! Let's see what's coming in. I caught it! Huh let's see, hmm an inquiry about SSL. Hmm…ever seen that before? That's when an SSL as bad. We don't want that. So let's check and see how you check an SSL certificate. Well, first of all we probably need to back up a little bit, what is an SSL? "Secure Socket Layer!" That's very right, that's very good, that's excellent! Now, what it does is protect your pie. What Pie? "Personally Identifiable Information!" Personally identifiable information, thank you to the guy in back. So, let's check and see how we know your certificate is valid and good.


Let us close this out, and start IE. So, to figure this out we've got to click on that little padlock in the browser. Once click on it, go down to view certificates. Once in view certificates you can see how long this is valid for so you know that if it expired.

You can also go to certification path, and check that certification path. Down here at the bottom, it will tell you the status is OK, so that is a good thing. Let us go ahead and switch over to Chrome. Now, very similar here too. We are going to click on the same padlock. Once we come in here it is a little different, you click on connection, and you go to certification information. But, from here it's the same thing.

So we are going to look at this, we are going to check the expiration date, we are going to go up to certification path, we're going to check that path, and going to check the status. At that point, we know it's good. You have checked your SSL.


That is another ticket served.

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