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How to Fix Issues Logging into SharePoint

Joe Knows Support

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How to Fix Issues Logging into SharePoint


Hi, I'm Joe with, and you're watching Joe Knows Support. Let's see what we got coming in today. "Hey, Ya Order Up Here!" Here we go. Ah, logging into SharePoint issues. Now, not to be confused with logging issues, which is a whole other separate thing that I did about going out in the woods and cutting down trees being a lumberjack. "BOOO!" What? Okay, fine let's go over this then.


Okay so, you're logging into your SharePoint site and what happens? You put in your username and your password, and this comes up. What gives? Try it again. Try it again! Huh! Now, I get a blank page. Does not mean SharePoint went away, it means you do not have the right credentials. It could be your username, could be your domain, or could be your password. Let's go back and see what happens if I do it right.

Uh oh! I see an access denied coming. That is not good either. That could mean that one of two things are happening: you are going to the wrong place within SharePoint, or you do not have permissions to go to where you think you're going. You need to get ahold of the admin and get the proper permission. Now let us see what happens if you do it right. We go ahead and login, proper domain, proper username, proper password…and we are in!


And that is another ticket served!

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